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Clear Truth: What Prophecy says about Economic Woes and Blessings

Don’t miss this weekend’s installment of the Clear Truth Broadcast, you’ll learn what prophecy says about economic woes and blessings.

Find out, this weekend on the Clear Truth Broadcast. Eleven stream-casts over the weekend, one is convenient for you. See schedule at .

(Episodes are added to our archives on the Tuesday after they premier. See our backlog of installments at

Also we have just re-released Let’s Get Truthful, a response to the anti-missionaries.

Originally published back in 1999, this "tape
set" became unavailable when our tape duplicator and original masters were
destroyed in a flood in 2004, now its back!

A 14 "tape" (MP3) set response to Rabbi Tovia Singer's
tape set "Let's Get Biblical" from Outreach Judaism, now on a single
CD of MP3 Files, including a bonus "tape" and PDF Study Guide.
Over 15 hours of teaching!

"I have listened to these tapes by Dr. James Trimm and I HIGHLY
recommend them for your studies."
- Eddie Chumney - Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l

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