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Persons who complete this conversion process will be halachicly regarded as Jewish within Nazarene Judaism.

These conversions are NOT accepted for immigration to Israel at this time.

This halacha is for a person to be halachicly regarded as Jewish and is not a process to make a person "saved."

The complete halachah is below:

Passed by The International Nazarene Beit Din on September 17, 1999 - revised Jan. 2nd 2009

Candidate must state that they seek conversion on conviction alone and
has no other motives.

Candidate must state that they have received Yeshua as the Messiah and
received the immersion of the Ruach HaKodesh.

Candidate must pledge complete and unreserved commitment to the Torah
and to the People of Israel. Candidate must complete or "test out" of
a conversion course which will teach them the commitments of the
covenant and the history and culture of the people whom they are joining.

A male seeking conversion must be circumcised.

a. Circumcision must be confirmed by two witnesses.
b. A candidate with a non-religious circumcision must undergo hatafat
dam b'rit, which is the ritual drawing of blood from the region.
c. The candidate is given time to recover (before the next step).
Candidate must undergo a ritual immersion (t'vilah).
a. This must be confirmed by two witnesses.
b. The candidate then recites the ritual prayer for immersions.
c. This is followed by a second immersion.
Candidate is given a new, Hebrew name.

Conversion must be officiated by a person having s'mikhah (ordination)
from the International Nazarene Beit-Din.

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Comment by William R Jones on August 24, 2008 at 12:58pm
I am in a position of teaching Torah to several young men who invariably point out their uncircumcised condition and ask a lot of questions concerning the necessity of such a procedure , the how and the expense. Please forward some information, as specific as possible indicating who you would reccommend to do this, the cost and the time involved.
thank you -------- Eliyahu


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