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Mankind lives in a state of perpetual delusion. There is no way that the majority of Western Christian Churches will accept the fact that they are apostate and not teaching the true teaching of Yahweh and Yeshua. I stopped going to church about 15 years ago when I was old enough to realize the majority of the people their were only there for lip service. That is worshipping the Lord for status and social gain rather than really recieving his message of simplicity and truth. Churches have lost their zeal to help others, preach the gospel, and follow the laws of God. I have been told numerous times that because of Jesus the Old Law (Torah) does not apply. This is the very reason they are apostate. They have no love of personal growth or the truth. They are full of desire and have no knowledge of how to overcome temptation. The world is becomming a place of pure flesh no spirit. A great majority of churches have used the Holy Spirit as a propaganda tool and have blasphemed it to the nines. I love the Lord with all my heart, I work hard each day to become fuller in his truth, and live a spiritually clean life. I am enraged at the degree in which people condemn their brethren in the Name of the Lord and our Heavenly Father. Like David I grew up with no earhtly father. My father is God. He speaks through the conviction of my heart as I grew into man. There is no excuse for not following his Law for it is Written on the heart from the time of our birth. I wish more people would awaken here in the West because I am alone in the world as the Lord said I would be. For my love of him and his truth I am hated by many but when I look at what he had to endure to open the gates of heaven once more to mankind I take it all in with a smile. I wish this network the best. I was awakened on 9-9-01 my 19th birthday, The Lord is pouring out his Spirit upon us all. We either choose to accept his truth or live in delusion. The very source of delusion is lust or desire for worldly passions.

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Comment by Jason Randolph Miller on May 22, 2011 at 1:28pm
Thanks. I enjoyed reading your response and appreciate the thought and intellect behind your words. Thanks again for sharing. I still see some who use the church not for belief or love of the Yeshua Ha Mashiak but for personal gain. I should have been more clear as you comment shows that in the words I chose, I made a rash generalization rather than pointing out specifics. I do not believe all people in the church are there for personal gain or status. I do however see some who are there for those reasons and are not following what our Lord commanded by their actions towards those who need him the most. Those who are lost in darkness are sometimes pushed away from starting over in their life, finding truth, and beginning anew.


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