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Many are familiar with the story of the “fall of man” in Genesis 2&3, and in most biblical exposition, it is assumed that the “serpent” was the first one to deceive humankind, but is that actually true? To determine a lie, it is best to compare the claims of all who speak in a narrative and look for contradictions, whether that be contradictions among characters or self-contradiction. So this brings us to a question that few dare to ask because of the “fear of God”, but remember, Truth is never afraid of scrutiny, so lets ask the question few dare to ask. Was Yahweh telling the truth to Adam when he said "but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for IN the day (bə·yō·wm)* that you eat from it you will surely die.”? To find out let’s look at the other uses of the term. The 197 times that *bə·yō·wm appears in the Tanakh/old Testament it always means on the same day, instantaneous, immediately, So basically Yahweh is telling them that the fruit is lethally toxic. Well, did Adam and Eve die from poisoning on the very day they ate the fruit? How about the next day? Day after that? How many centuries are they alleged to have lived? So if Yahweh lied to Adam and Eve about the alleged toxicity of the mind-altering fruit of the tree, and then Eve tests and catches Yahweh in his lie, what does that make Eve? She’s the clever heroine who subtly questioned the conflicting claims she was being dealt by both Yahweh and the “serpent”! However, to reveal the full truth about the story, we need to look at the naw-khawsh' who bible translators cleverly disguised as a “serpent”-- this walking, talking being who demonstrates knowledge about medicinal plants. How did they get away with this? Because, you see, naw-khawsh' has a mutiple meanings, (enchantment/soothsayer, whispering [a spell], serpent] so, the bible translators substituted the word “serpent” which they thought was more favorable to the narrative which propped up the solitary male god despite the context which clearly showed the naw-khawsh'/medicine-woman as an ally to humanity and a heroine along with Eve! *** So What does Yahweh do in retaliation for Adam and Eve TESTING Yahweh's claim? Yahweh scares Adam and Eve from the very Truth they just discovered by retroactively fabricating a "curse" entirely based upon what self-knowledge the forbidden fruit already revealed (or would shortly reveal) to the couple about the physical anomalies of humans (fur-less-ness, difficulty in childbirth, incredibly large skulls, super high sex-drives, bodies not nearly as robust as other mammals, ). Other than Yahweh’s dubious claims*, There is zero evidence which indicates proof of the curses being a direct result of eating the forbidden fruit. (*dubious because he changes his story twice: Genesis 2:17 vs Genesis 3:22!) What is the forbidden fruit??? Strange how such a pivotal thing is so unknown in biblical scholarship when the answer is hidden in plain view in the narrative itself! The text clearly indicates that the observed and agreed-upon effects of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is discernment between good and evil (“the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil”--Gen 3:22, For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”). The fruit is discernment. Seeing the action of the fruit, it functions both on a metaphorical and literal level, conspicuously reminiscent of entheogens which expand the mind's ability to discern. Any serious scholarship examining the shamanic use of entheogens confirms such effects are a desired result from responsible use! So why would an entity claiming to be God, lie to the cognizant beings he allegedly created about the fruit of discernment that he also allegedly created? Would a Good Creator or evil destroyer desire humans to be unable to discern the difference between a good creator or evil destroyer? Would an evil destroyer desire humans to be unable to discern the difference between a good creator or evil destroyer? A disturbing pattern emerges. Yahweh declares a prohibition regarding the eating of an allegedly poisonous fruit, the couple tests the prohibition and eat the fruit, the usual response to a poisoning would be to induce vomiting or administer an antidote (“tree of life” comes to mind), but instead of stepping in to remedy the alleged poisoning, Yahweh pronounces a long drawn-out curse to the humans, and then, when Yawheh talks to the other gods regarding the humans’ ingestion of the forbidden fruit, he never says “the man has poisoned himself-- to preserve the humans we just created, we must give them the tree of life”, but instead admits that the humans can now discern good from evil and then admonishes that the humans must not have the tree of life (an indirect admission that the forbidden fruit was NOT poisonous after all!) This pattern then sets the tone for the entire bible, whether you are talking about the Jewish Tanakh or the Christian bible (Messianic too!). Now the most common objection is “Oh, ‘die’ really means that Adam, who was created as immortal, will become mortal after eating the forbidden fruit.” First let’s look at the word for “die” -- neither "tā·mūṯ " nor "mūṯ" means "mortal"-- it means DIE, and with the clarifier "IN THAT DAY " the meaning can NEVER be "mortal" in the gradual sense. But we can even look at this another way. Notice this important detail: Yahweh tells Adam directly and Eve indirectly, that they will die in that day if they eat of the fruit. When they eat the fruit and that DOESN’T HAPPEN ‘in that day”, then Yahweh makes a vague pronouncement about Adam’s mortality ONLY (not Eve). So what this shows is Yahweh is making a bluff so that the reader (and Adam and Eve) DO NOT NOTICE that his original statement “In the day you eat of it you will surely die” NEVER CAME TO PASS. So, in the beginning, Yahweh prohibits autonomous, principle-based discernment of good vs evil (especially discernment augmented by entheogen use), and instead, through the remainder of the Torah, requires mandatory unquestioning obedience to long list of laws which consist of good laws, busywork laws (including “chuukim”-- laws with unknown purposes!), and downright evil laws. What then does that indicate about the Torah??? Is it really for the benefit of humans? Or is it a psy-op designed to program humans to be unquestioning order-followers-- sheep obediently led by a shepherd for the usual purposes that a shepherd leads sheep: shave & a slaughter? --Mavryk Chaparral * the Christian Concordances and Lexicons cover up this fact by using the altered the Hebrew vowel pointings** and making the false claim about naw kawsh being two separate unreleated words (snake [strongs 5175] vs medicine-woman [strongs 5172]), but the CONTEXT gives it away!!! She’s a MEDICINE WOMAN. Notice how even in art that the “snake” was portrayed as a woman who resembled a cadacus! They knew the score! ** It seems that the Jews know that the one who offers the fruit to Eve is feminine since in the midrashic literature, she is renamed “lilith” , and maligned and slandered quite severely! What a shock coming from a male-dominated religion with a solitary male god eh? **”The first time nachash is used in the Bible outside of Ge 3 is Ge 44:5. There it refers to divination. Nechash divination is mentioned 11 times in the Bible. Each time it is performed by humans.”--Mark Biggs “The Case For Lilith” Chapter 3.11

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