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In Parashah 47, Re'eh, Why is there a blessing on Mount G'rizim and a curse on Mount 'Eival, since both of them are west of the Yarden, " in the direction of the sunset, in the land of the Kena'ani living in Aravah, across from Gilgal, near the pistachio trees of Moreh? Is there something specific that happened on each of those mountains that I missed? I can see why YHWH chose these mountains as particular " rememberance markers" for the Israelites, as He is always calling them, and us, to recall and keep alive the stories from the past, to remember how YHWH has led us and faithfully stood by us, disciplined us and loved us, through the many stages of our lives.

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Comment by Cindy Quigley on August 13, 2009 at 1:46pm
Thanks for your insightful comments. I will look up Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachmanan and contrast his findings with Rashi, Torah scholars of the 13th century. I know that the "right hand" is a powerful reference in the Tanak, having to do with YHWH's blessing and power, so it does make sense to me, that Mt. Gerizim would be to the south or "right". I so appreciate you taking the time to elaborate and give further insight into these particular verses.


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