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Did Some Ancient Americans Celebrate Sukkot?

Did Some Ancient Americans Celebrate Sukkot?


James Scott Trimm

Sukkot has just ended, and Columbus Day is around the corner, so I thought I would share some fascinating information with you about a certain tribe of Native Americans and the festival of Sukkot.

There are in fact many evidences of cultural exchanges between ancient Americans and the ancient Hebrews, including evidence that some ancient Americans celebrated an annual festival with characteristics very similar to Sukkot.


One very interesting tribe are the Yuchi tribe.  Their unique language has no relationship to other known native american languages, and their culture is unique, 

The Yuchi tribe was a tribe native to Georgia and Tennessee, but later moved to a reservation in Oklahoma.  One of the unique cultural practices of the Yuchi is that they observe a festival very similar to Sukkot.  This festival takes place during the full moon of their holy harvest month.  In honor of this festival they would gather at their cultic center, dwell in temporary dwellings.  Moreover, during this festival the Yuchi have a ritual of waving branches as they dance (Before Columbus; Cyrus Gordon; Crown Publishers; N.Y. 1971 pp. 89-90). 

There is a great deal of additional information about the evidence of contact between Ancient Hebrews and Ancient Americans in my book Hebrews in Ancient America:

Hebrews in Ancient America
By James Trimm
(This is NOT a Book of Mormon Thing*)

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Comment by David L Johnson on October 10, 2015 at 2:57pm

I have read DNA reports, that showed that the Cherokees are mainly; by DNA Hebrew, Jewish, and a little North African. I read the report of a Historian, who lived in the early history of the US, he studied the east  coast Native American tribes and found Hebrew/Jewish construct's in their culture and languages, to a high degree. 

This link and film also shows evidence of a Hebrew connection, don't be put off, that is  new research, to support the Book of Mormon, given at a symposium. Look past what you may not like, and look at the evidence that is shown; truly amazing.


Comment by Summer Rae Ramos on October 11, 2015 at 12:15pm

The Cherokee's are monotheists, and called God Yo-He-Wa, very similar to Ye-Ho-Va, or Jehovah! it could have been an ancient spelling. read books by James Adair he studied them before the 1839 removal acts displaced them from the ancestral lands. im Cherokee and have a very interesting family history.

Comment by Summer Rae Ramos on October 11, 2015 at 12:23pm

also interesting to me is the fringes on the garments, they symbolize all the commands God gave us to live by! not all tribes did that but the Cherokees did! and they also wore turbans. Sequoia wore a turban. he was the man who wrote the Cherokee sylabary, the original one was sed to have been similar to ancient Hebrew, but he was not allowed to use that one so he had to devise a whole new alphabet, that to me resembles Russian, or Ukrainian writing.

Comment by David L Johnson on October 11, 2015 at 4:32pm

I found it interesting, as my Dad and Leonard Nimoy, Mr Spock from Star Trek, got older, they started to look more and more alike. After I read the DNA report  of the Cherokees, it made total sense, my father was part Cherokee and other  Native American tribes, beside mostly  Irish and Scots.   Both of his parents were part Native American, some of his siblings came out looking like Native Americans and some more like Irish and Scots.

 I came across a lady in a store not too long ago, and asked her if I could ask what her main racial background was, she told me, Jewish. I explained to her why, and that she looked just like one of my Dads sisters. 

Comment by Summer Rae Ramos on October 12, 2015 at 8:35am

the Cherokees were mixing with the scotts and French in the 1400,s in Canada before they migrated down to Georgia they are called the Metis people. during the time of De Soto and the Jacobite rebeleon were both periods of time were jewish/Hebrew people came in droves to America and settled WITH the natives to blend in. funny you say that your father looks like spock because spock looks like Standing Turkey, a famous Cherokee chief! so does my brother. Cherokees are known to have a hodge podge of diverse kids. 2 of mine resemble their dad, hes Mexican, and 2 resemble the Caucasian side of my Cherokee ancestry! very strong watered down genes! but mostly you can tell they are Cherokee. Cherokee history is easy to research because they mixed with Caucasians from the start!

Comment by Summer Rae Ramos on October 12, 2015 at 8:54am

look up the Cherokee delegation to Washington and you will see my 5th generation grampa he was the Chief at that time Chief Richard Fields of the Texas Cherokees. he was a great man even though he will forever be labeled by this gov. as an indian rebel for fighting to keep his family together and not homeless! before during and after the trail of tears he was the chief during that terrible time! it reminds me of what has always happen to the Hebrew people. it was just one of many holocausts to happen to the natives here! there is a Cherokee prophecy that says if we didn't keep our old ways then we would be pushed west to eat dirt! and that is exactly what happened, we were forced out of our homes to walk westward to Oklahoma only to get there and fight natives whos land it rightfully was, so that we could have a place on this earth, only to finally eat the dust bowl dirt! that's how my family ended up in California. now I guess if we get pushed further it will be into the ocean! I don't think people understand why it was so wrong to kick them out, they had huge Cherokee tobacco plantations complete with slaves to run it, and they all conformed to white society with great success, but then gold was found and they had to go at any cost! my grampa was a Cherokee confederate war chief under Andrew Jackson he is the one who signed the broken treaty to remove all Cherokees from all the land so that they could take all the gold from the Cherokee sacred site. so yes he should be removed from the 20 dollar bill he represents the ugliest of politicians! but we are so accustomed to holding these evil men in high places!

Comment by David L Johnson on October 12, 2015 at 4:55pm

Summer, thanks for sharing such choice  and sacred information. My Native American family lines seemed to have avoid the relocation; one line ended up in Indiana, at the time, then came back down later to Missouri, then to sure why, settling in Chickasaw Territory, but no on Reservation Land, my Dad's mother was born in 1907. My Dad;s, Dad;s line was in Tennessee, then moved to Missouri and then Oklahoma.  

My mothers Native American line came from the New York, Connecticut or etc area; a very very dark skinned  people. 

It is hard to tell how many lines one might have; I have noticed in my research that part White X Native American  tended to marry the same, they we're not accepted by either of the groups they came from. 

I have noticed as well, a tendency to marry other Native Americans, I often times sense that they are, when I meet  them in public. I unfortunately in my life, have been married 3 times; the first was part Blackfoot, the second Mexican, and the third part Cherokee. When I was drawn to  them, and fell in l love, I did not know they had American Native blood, except for the Mexican wife. 

Even though as  kid I knew my Dad was part Cherokee, I did not know about the wide feet, more space between my big toe and the others, and why my finger on both hands, next to my thumb, was twisted, but was aware of my cheek bones and forehead. I have  had in the past, had a White  Mexican mistake me for one of his kind. 


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