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I originally joined this site to take part in civilized discussions about the true nature and origins of "the faith delivered once for all to the saints." And, to be quite honest and fair, for the most part that is what I have found here. Some interesting discussion with some delightful people. However..........I have also been on the receiving end of some unpleasant peoples "attitudes" , a spirit of "againstness". A sort of religious descrimination. A species of reverse Anti-semitism. Call it Anti-christianism if you like. I was born in 1956. I was NOT a party to or in favor of the "Holocost." I have no predudice against Jews. El and his Messiah tells us not to hate, but to "love our neighbor as ourselves." Amen.

However,be that as it may. I have been labelled a "Christian Theologian" as if it were a bad thing. I have been accused of "worshipping a 'Greek god named Jesus'". I have been called a "GOY" as if it were synonomous with "leper." It has not been the attitude of a single individual.

In the United States, our Constitution gives us the RIGHT,under the law,of freedom of religious expression. I do not always feel that here. Disagree with my opinions as you will,but, DON"T engage in wanton descrimination against me. That attitude is not of Elohim, and, after all, says far more about you than it does about me(think about it!).

I came here, to this site, for amicable discussions, NOT abuse. As for those within certain groups which have a problem with me, I joined those groups because I was INVITED by someone.

I have had my say. No doubt some will not like it. So be it. If you find my words offensive, you may take it then, that I am offended!


Melvin Creston Williams a.k.a. "The Seeker"

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Comment by Melvin Creston Williams on September 28, 2011 at 1:34pm
Oh really? Did it come across that way? Not my intention if I read your meaning clearly enough. I do try to stay away from fundamentalism. It gives me gas.
Comment by Melvin Creston Williams on October 1, 2011 at 8:59pm


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