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Does Scripture Say Sabbath Is ONLY For The Jews?

The writer (Aubrey L Duncan) is the author of the book, "God's Sabbath Truth", from which this article is excerpted. The book is available Here. He can be contacted at


Essentially, this debate centers around whether the Seventh-day Sabbath is only for Jews and Sunday for Christians. The fact of the matter is that the Bible does not in any way support either of these views. Yes, the Bible is clear in that it states that the Sabbath, as part of the Ten Commandments, was given to the Jews. However, nowhere does Scripture say that the Sabbath or any other of the Ten Commandments were exclusively for the Jews. Quite the contrary, the Bible repeatedly states that God’s commandments, including the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments, are for all mankind.

Jesus declared: “...the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath...” (Mark 2:28).

Jesus Is Lord of All
Jesus was born of Jewish ancestry, but He is the Saviour of all mankind. Likewise the Ten Commandment Law which includes the Sabbath was deposited to the Jewish nation from God through the hands of Moses, but is for all humanity. The ancient Jewish sanctuary with its services and sacrifices is an object lesson in God’s plan of redemption for all humanity. At the center of it was Jesus Christ. The priest, the sacrifices, the seven branch candlestick, the showbread, the door, the mercy seat, and all the accompanying ceremonies were figures and types of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. They thus prefigured God’s plan of salvation by which all men are saved, before and after the cross. It is the only way of salvation for all humanity.

The Jewish nation had the high and holy privilege of not only being the recipients of God’s Plan of Redemption, though in type; but they had the sacred responsibility to share it with the rest of the world.

The prophet Isaiah declares: “...... continue reading here (

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