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Well once again life just keeps on happening. On the upside before the down, we got the car fixed. Cost about $440 but it is fixed and we can get people to work now. Some extremely generous people donated time by helping us get our lawn mowed and others help on a financial level. Some gave as little as $2 but you know what it was so appreciated. I literally cried seeing how much people helped even at the expense of themself. You know they are just as bad off or not worse but they still helped. Then we had some bigger donors. Their gift was just as appreciated. Everyone thank you. Things are still tough but we are slowly pulling through. Sometimes when you are at your lowest it's nice to know you are not alone. I would sell my wedding ring if I must but the fact that I didn't have to well know that it is precious to me and I'm extremely grateful beyond words.

Somehow I think HE let's us know that things can be worse. I don't know if HE rewarded my faith because truly I didn't know all this help would come in and regardless I am not that person that gives and expects something in return. I do it because I care...HE knows my heart. But that day I wrote that piece on here I found out a friend of ours was worse off. They lost their car about to lose their phone have lost Internet and had no foodand they hadn't eaten in a while. I gave them some food. Granted we didn't have a whole lot ourselves, (I feed 9 people in our home) but I would make our food stretch some how. I told you I was about to sell my ring I at least have some assets to sell if need be they did not.

Today we got our car back. Life was heading back to normal and I was telling HIM thanks for looking out for little old me and my family. Then of course life throws a curve ball. As I'm heading out to take my kids to the library as I pull out and turn the car I noticed my neighbors front yard has the water main bursting out with water and I mean a lot of water. I call my husband to quickly come and see if this is going to affect our property. The neighbor's house was completely flooded. A loss for them. All I'm thinking is if this hits our house we are done. We can't recover from this. As my husband went to look I just shook my head in disbelief. Why? My husband approach the car and said he believes we are in the clear. However, we might not have water and he didn't know for how long. So I left and I took the kids to the library and then went to Target to exchange a wrong size filter for the a/c unit. As I approached the counter with my exchange I get a text that says our water is off and could be all night. I guess from everything that has happened I looked stressed because after I checked out the lady behind the counter says, "Try and have a better evening." I was surprised by this and asked what she meant? She stated that I looked stressed and that is when I said that I found out just now that our water is shut off for hours because our neighbor had a city pipe burst in their front yard and their house flooded and I'm about to be inconvenienced without water for the night. They are out of their home for God knows how long and I just shouldn't be complaining and should be grateful for the fact I get to go home and my house is okay. As i finished i looked at her and said, "Thank you. Thank you for showing me how stupid I was being." I think I shocked her but really I just kept thinking of me, my own and not how grateful I should be that I have a home to go home to and I have my family. I have had a lot of help lately in all sorts of ways but I still thought only of me.

That's okay once in a while but I believe it was something I needed to remember. I give and I give all the time but I still lose faith. I got to do better. I got to know that there will be hard times and I got to adjust and I got to continue to have faith. There is always someone worse off then you. And if that day comes that it is you or I, I hope that the faith we are supposed to have in HIM has grown enough to know that without HIM without HIS love nothing is worth not having that in our life.

Psalms 100

"A Psalm of thanksgiving.

(100:1) Shout unto YHWH, all the earth.
2 Serve YHWH with gladness; come before His presence with singing.
3 Know you that YHWH, He is Elohim. It is He that has made us, and we are His: His people, and the flock of His pasture.
4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: give thanks unto Him, and bless His Name.
5 For YHWH is good; His mercy endures forever, and His faithfulness unto all generations."

So with much humility and grateful heart I again say THANK YOU!

Mrs. Trimm

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