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Going Home Soon- But Where do we go from here?

Shalom Chaverim,.


As many of you know, my wife has been in the hospital for over 50 days, much of it in ICU and PCU. It has been a trial for us.  We have been under attack by the Enemy for years, but never like this.  I absolutely do not exaggerate when I say she was fighting for her life!  But Baruch Hashem YHWH, we are being told that she should be ready to go home early this coming week!


She will still be attached to a “wound vac” machine, require specialized wound care three times a week, and need a walker to get around, but she will finally be home. 


Early on many of you stepped up to support us in this crisis financially.  We honestly could not have made it through these 50+ days without you.  However, as the days passed by, our situation got “old” and those funds slowed down.  As we are now gearing up to leave here, and go home, we are broke.  We are broke, and going home to face bills and rent that are due soon (not to mention anticipated medical bills not covered by my wife’s Insurance). 


I am asking all of you who have supported this cause, to step up again and help us with our “Going home fund.”


We are going to need time to regroup.


During these 50+ days I have had a lot of time to pray and think about what we can and should to revive this ministry.  This is very important, because just this last week we lost a source of income that helping us get by,  I don’t believe I can replace that income in the secular world any time soon (if ever).  Additionally my wife, who is already disabled with a chronic neurological condition, is coming home with additional disabilities that will last month.  I could not leave her home alone for long periods before, and now that will be even more the case. 


So as I have had a lot of time to think about what we need to do to revive this ministry. 


To begin with, we need to get back to the basics, with faith building defense of the truths that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah of Judaism and that the Torah is for all generations forever.  We also need to focus on helping people understand the teachings of Yeshua, and his Talmidim from the original Hebrew and Aramaic in light of Second Temple Judaism.


We also need to expand the media thru which we outreach.


We will be working to improve NazareneSpace.  People are getting sick of Facebook jail and are ready to start coming back to our own social network.


We are going back on the radio with all new episodes of Truth Talk!  I have a spare bedroom which I am going to convert into a studio as soon as we get home.  We already have most of the equipment we need, like a professional microphone, but we will need a mixer.  We already have at least one station lined up, and have leads on others. 


We are also going to start up a YouTube series (10 to 15 minute episodes). 


Let us know what other ideas you may have to help us.


The main thing is that we need you all to step up and support this work like never before.  Now is not the time to become complacent. 

This is not a time that I need to be worried about ministry funds.  While we were here we got news that $1,ooo we anticipated receiving while we were here, and for which we were tightly budgeted, would not be coming in.

****If you can make a one time donation of $500 or $1,000 dollars to support this work, now is the time!****

Is this work worthy of your support? What other ministry provides this kind of teaching?

What other ministry is reaching the Jewish people with Messiah and the world with Torah like this ministry is?

Now is time to step up to the plate!

You can donate by going to the pay-pal counter at or donations can be sent by paypal to

Donations can also be made out to “Nazarene Judaism” and sent to:

Nazarene Judaism
PO Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

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Comment by Gabriel Pacheco on September 28, 2018 at 5:06pm


I recommend a formalization of our halachá, because many are those who return or enter Rabbinic Judaism, because there is a total consolidation of the rabbinical laws. I believe that our main objective should be the total restructuring of the Bet Din Nazarene, and the formalization of an Orthodox Halacha based on the tradition and the teaching of Yeshua.


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