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Hebraic Roots Version - E-Book Edition Finally!

Its finally here! The Hebraic Roots Version Scriptures E-Book edition!

Now the HRV is searchable...

Now you can easily cut and paste from the HRV!

The HRV is the first Sacred Name Version of the Scriptures to have the NT translated from the original Hebrew and Aramaic and to follow the original manuscript order of the books!

Download your copy now for just $25

Chart of HRV Source Texts:

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Comment by James Trimm on May 21, 2009 at 4:10pm
The four Gospels were translated from the Old Syriac and Peshitta (many footnotes detail alternate readings)

The rest is from the Peshitta where it exists.

Also Matthew and Hebrews also use the Hebrew versions of these books as sources.

There is a detailed discussion of source texts in the Introduction.

Also a more detailed study of how these texts relate to each other and NT origins can be found in detail and well documented in my book:
The Hebrew and Aramaic Origin of the New Testament
Comment by Janet Ellen Shen on May 21, 2009 at 11:02pm
Shalom James,

Thanks James I Manage to purchased n downloaded the HRV Revised e-book. I have two copies hard copy, one is the brown cover the other is from ISR. Are there any updated from the previous hard copy. This is good one as I can navigate easily and have size information about the verse. Thank Yeshua.
Comment by James Trimm on May 21, 2009 at 11:55pm
Yes this is the revised edition with numerous improvements.
Comment by will brinson: ferguson on July 17, 2011 at 3:02pm



I  got your eBook the other day and I love the footnotes. I give you a great review as to the content of this eBook, but I must here and now say that I am deeply saddened at the fact that there is no EBOOK INDEX. It is hard to navigate the text with out an EBOOK INDEX. PLEASE ADD AN EBOOK INDEX and make it available to any one that has already bought the eBook with out an EBOOK INDEX. I have other eBooks that have an EBOOK INDEX and it makes them a great reading pleasure, but your HRV eBook does not have one an therefore it is very hard to navigate. I must say also that I am disappointed to find that the Chart and maps available in the Hard Copy are absent in it’ eBook version. To he who has ears let him hear. It would be real nice if the eBook version had an EBOOK INDEX as well as the MAPS and CHARTS.


P.S. - I will say that the hard copy of the HRV does not possess this problem and therefore can be given 100% ratings, but sadly I can not say so for the HRV eBook.


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