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Want to help spread the truth of Torah and Messiah? Just print out the following one page front and back "Free Bible Quiz" and make as many copies as you can. Distribute them to everyone you know, and to people you do not know. Put them under windshield wipers, on doors and fold them into books in the library. Put one under every windshield in a church parking lot! Post them on laundry room bulletin boards. tape them to stray dogs.

This free Bible Quiz is one of our best tools at reaching the world with Torah and Messiah and you can help distribute it.

Imagine if all 750 members of Nazarene Space were to distribute 100 copies! This would distribute the Quiz to 75,000 people! Distribute more than 100 if you can.

Also email the file or link to everyone you know!



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Comment by Brian Forbes on August 31, 2009 at 4:29pm
This quiz is fantastic. The answer I got when I shared it with someone just now was, "Paul taught that we shouldn't be circumcised."
Comment by Mikha El on September 5, 2009 at 7:11pm
Here's Kenny's take on that subject. Have them read this....

Shalom. Allow me to weigh in on this. The circumcision disparaged in the writings of the Apostles is a circumcision that was for ethnic identity and a prerequisite for salvation according to some of the Judaisms of that day. It was a trusting in the work of the flesh. Such is contrary to circumcision as a sign given to Avraham. Avraham received the promise of a son by which the Avrahamic covenant would be fulfilled, and he believed G-D and was counted righteous.

Some time past, and he and Sarah got impatient and attempted to fulfill the promise themselves with Hagar and Ishmael. That son was rejected, and the very thing Avraham used to fulfill the covenant by his own works of the flesh was to have the flesh cut off. In other words- circumcision was a statement that man will not fulfill the covenant by his own works- the promise of the covenant is fulfilled by the faithfulness of G-D!!

By the first century, this idea was turned on its head, and circumcision became a work of the flesh to be trusted in as a prerequisite for salvation. In other words- one had to become a Jew. Paul, or Rav Shaul, in 1 Cor. 7 states that neither circumcision or uncircumcision matters, rather what matters is keeping the commandments of G-D. What he is saying in the historical context is that being Jew or Gentile is not important. What is important is obedience to the Torah. But circumcision is a command of Torah! In that vein, it is interesting that following the Acts 15 council, where circumcision was decided not to be a prerequisite, Paul had Timothy circumcised. So it is not the obedience to circumcision that is at issue, but why the circumcision is being done.

If it is to be saved, circumcision is of no value, worse it is dangerous in that the circumcised trusts in his own work for salvation instead of MESSIAH. If one is saved by faith in MESSIAH, he will love G-D which is borne out by obedience to the Torah, including circumcision. In my opinion, had I not been circumcised as a baby, and understanding it now, I would submit to it (and about a month or two off work!).

(My comment:) Not that this type of circumcision qualifies as the Torah commanded one....

Understanding it now, it is a sign that I do not, and cannot perform a work in my flesh to bring about the promise of G-D. In this light, I think circumcision and baptism into MESSIAH go hand in hand- the one being a casting off of the flesh, and the other being an identification with MESSIAH in HIS death and resurrection as I die to my flesh to live in the newness of the life of MESSIAH. In this, both are an outward sign of what had better be happening in my heart- the inner man. I dont know if this gives you all the answers you are looking for, maybe though it will give you something to think about, and may the SPIRIT of the HOLY ONE give you complete understanding. Grace and Shalom to you, and Shabbat Shalom, kenny cartwright


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