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Are you tired of sending your child to a "gun free, drug free", free condom school zone that seems to be filled with drugs, violence and peer pressure?

Are you tired of public schools that teach atheism as science, socialism as history, and promiscuity as sex education, but cannot seem to teach kids to read and write?

What if there was a sensible alternative?  One that not only teaches children to read and write but also teaches science that counters atheism, and history that promotes freedom, limited government, capitalism and rugged individualism, all in a home based environment?

Don't have time for home schooling?  What if there was a complete homeschooling system for your child over the internet?

We are currently working on a complete homeschooling system which we will be making available soon.  How will this homeshooling system be different?  This Homeschooling Project will be a complete and easy to use "turnkey" curriculum on a par (or even better) than that used in public schools.  No textbooks will be needed, as the entire course will be online.  Your child will have complete online multimedia classes in Mathematics, English (both Grammar and Literature/Reading), Social Studies (History, Geography & Government), Science and more.  They will do self grading assignments and tests online, and the system will even keep a grade book.

This system will bring together the best of both worlds.

We will be using the same online course software used by colleges and universities all over the world for teaching online courses.

We are bringing this software and multimedia materials together with core course material drawn from the textbooks which were used in the old one room schoolhouses that made America great (not without major upgrades and revision I might add, especially to science that has advanced and history that has transpired since those days).

SCIENCE THAT DOES NOT PROMOTE ATHEISM - We will be teaching the most up to date level of science emphasizing the Scientific Method, while at the same time showing the evidence of Creation and the many flaws in the Theory of Evolution.

FAIR AND BALANCED SOCIAL STUDIES - Our History classes will give a fair and balanced view of the Civil War, the Progressive Era, Roosevelt's New Deal, Johnson's Great Society, the Reagan Era etc.  Our Government classes will promote the value of the Constitution, State's Rights, Unalienable Individual Rights, limited government,  Capitalism, Rugged Individualism and Freedom, while emphasizing the flaws in Communism, Socialism, Big Government and Nanny Statism.

And even if you are outside the USA we are working on History curriculum for other English Speaking countries as well, including Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

DISPOSING OF "NEW MATH" -  Beginning in the 1960's our schools became infiltrated with something called "New Math" based on the idea of "putting  a greater emphasis on grasping abstract mathematical concepts than on solving problems in math" the results have been schools that stress that the important thing is to understand what you're doing, rather than to get the right answer.  Math has not changed substantively since Isaac Newton developed Calculus around 1670.  We have returned to the "Old Math" which was taught in one room school houses and emphasized solving problems in math and demonstrating that one understands what one is doing and grasps abstract mathematical concepts by getting the right answer.  Our math courses (Arithmetic; Algebra I & 2; Geometry; Trigonometry and Calculus) will based on material from actual math textbooks used in those one room school houses, books that trained the "Great Generation" who moved our country from light bulbs to laptops in less than 100 years!

GRAMMAR - Grammar has not substantively changed in the last 100 years, and our Grammar classes are based on textbooks used in those old one room schoolhouses.

LITERATURE/READING - We will be emphasizing the classics, especially those which teach important lessons and values.  Classics like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, as well as important ideological works like Animal Farm, 1984 and Atlas Shrugged (books often ignored by many public schools today).

FOREIGN LANGUAGES - We plan to make available French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin.

BIBLE – We plan to make available non-sectarian non-doctrinal classes in Biblical Geography; Bible as History and Bible as Literature.

ELECTIVES - We have plans in time to role out many key electives such as classes in Logic (very important), Chess (great for improving problem solving skills and taught in many elite private schools), Texas History, History of the Jewish People, Political Science, plus Astronomy and various other sciences etc.

AFFORDABLE – We intend to make this as affordable as possible.

Right now we are looking to start with 7th-12th Grades and then start adding lower grades.

OK so if you think you would be interested in this kind of a homeschooling program let us know by joining here and emailing us at

And join our Facebook group at


Friends donations the last two months have been very disappointingly low. We are already on the 20th of December we are still running the November Paypal counter and and the counter is only at $1,135 for all of November and December.  That is less than $600 a month!  

Donations have dropped by more than 50% these last two months. 

We have been under attack by the enemy more than ever before. 

The cupboards are almost bare and we cannot afford groceries.  

We really need our supporters to come through for us and help us get through this crisis.

This ministry is reaching Jewish people with the Messiah like no other.  If you believe in the work we are doing here then now is the time to step up to the plate and financially support this work.

If you believe the work we are doing is important then this message is for you. Worldwide is making a real difference, bringing the message of Torah and Messiah to a lost world and engaging in the real work of Scripture restoration.

We really need you to step forward and do your part.

Please help us bring the message of Torah and Messiah to a lost world and create Scripture study materials for believers.

Folks we REALLY need you to step up to the plate now more than ever! We are struggling to keep our home (Click Here to find out more)

You can donate by going to the pay-pal counter at
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Comment by Pedro Luis Sanchez on January 1, 2013 at 6:54pm

Dear Brother:

I am interest on the homeschooling project for my 15 y/o son. He is really disturbed for what he sees at school.

Also if you need help of any sort for the project, please let me know.


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