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I Dreamed a Dream (The Apostasy and Restoration Part 2)

I Dreamed a Dream
(The Apostasy and Restoration Part 2)
James Scott Trimm

Prologue: Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled among us.  The long night of the great apostasy is ending and the dawn of the restoration of the ancient sect of Nazarene Judaism is being fulfilled in our very days.  This is a restoration that will reunite the two houses of Israel and a restoration of the Word of YHWH to His people!  Do not just read this series, but share it with others.  In our days YHWH is performing a "marvelous work and a wonder" (Is. 29:14) among us!

At no other time since the first century, has so much enlightenment been upon us as we have obtained in just the last few years. Scripture tells us in many prophecies that in the last days Elohim will be removing the scales from people's eyes so that they will see truths they could not see before. You and I have been called at this time to prepare the way for this onslaught of truth seekers who are abandoning Churchianity and even Rabbinic Judaism for the truth of Torah and a Messiah who is the living Torah. Now more than ever, people seem hungry for truth.

When I was eighteen years old back around 1984 I first left Rabbinic Judaism and became a believer in Yeshua as the Messiah. I was an armature anti-missionary back then, debating with my Christian friends, arguing that "Jesus" could not have been the Messiah. I had all the arguments down pat. Then one day Wendy asked me to go to an evening church youth meeting with her. I agreed, largely because I wanted to go out with her. So there I was, wearing my kippah with my JPS Tanak in hand. I did not know anyone else there.  After the meeting Wendy was off socializing with other friends, and I was sitting there bored. Despite my anti-missionary arguments, I had curiosity about Yeshua, so I prayed, "If Yeshua is really your son, prove it to me." For the first time in my life a bat kol (voice from Heaven) spoke to me and said "John 1:34". I did not have a "New Testament" so I borrowed one off the pew and looked up John 1:34 "And I saw and bare record that this is the Son of God.". This revelation changed my life. I would have questioned it forever if the voice had answered my question with a direct answer, but instead it was a Scripture verse that I had to look up, that was an answer to my exact question. I knew for sure that Yeshua was Messiah and I found myself thrust into spiritual warfare that very first night, so I had to mature as a believer in Messiah fast. I immediately began studying the Messianic prophecies all over again, only now the scales were off of my eyes, and now I understood them. Of course Yeshua was the Messiah, why could I not see it before?

I began to read and study the so-called "New Testament" and to my surprise it had nothing to do with the things I associated with "Christianity". It had nothing to do with steeples, nuns, monks, Santa Clause etc. It was a Jewish book.

At first I continued to attend my old Rabbinic Synagogue on Friday nights and Saturdays, and visit Wendy’s Church on Sunday mornings.  This did not last very long as I was definitely a round peg in a square hole.  One day the pastor of the church came to me and told me that I might be happier at a Messianic Jewish congregation.  

“What is a Messianic Jewish congregation?” I asked.  He directed me to a Messianic Jewish congregation which was meeting in Fort Worth, Texas at the time.  This was only a marginal improvement.  The leader of this group was an ordained Baptist minister who had become a Christian in the 70’s after an interaction with Jews for Jesus.  The congregation met on Friday nights and Sunday mornings and was officially a sponsored Baptist mission to the Jews.  I was still a round peg in a square hole.  

It was during this time in the 1980’s that I had a dream which I recorded in a journal I was keeping at the time.  The following is taken from that journal:

In my dream I was rebuilding the ruins of an ancient stone alter.
As I finished rebuilding this alter, it shined with a great light so bright that I
could not look directly at it, brighter than the sun. I turned around
and saw several shafts of blue light shining down out of heaven. It was
shear beauty like I had never seen. Behind me was the Messianic
Synagogue I was attending at the time. I ran inside to tell all of my
friends in the synagogue about what I had seen, but most of them seemed
disinterested, and only a few were willing to come outside and see what I
had seen.

Well I had no idea then how completely this dream would one day be fulfilled. Looking back, I know now that the ancient stone alter in ruins was Nazarene Judaism, and “rebuilding” it represented the work of restoration.

In the months that followed I studied everything I could to help me understand the so-called “New Testament” as a Jewish book. I learned that the original followers of Yeshua were an ancient sect of Jews called "Nazarenes".  I found several references to these "Nazarenes" in the writings of the so-called "Church Fathers". I realized that I was a Nazarene Jew. I knew my people did not write religious literature in the first century in Greek, so I sought out, and found, the original Hebrew and Aramaic text of the "New Testament". I found that the books know as the "Apocrypha" are Jewish, not Catholic.

One day around 1988 we had a visitor at the Messianic Jewish congregation, Rabbi Moyal.  Rabbi Moyal was an Orthodox Rabbi from Israel who had come to the conclusion that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah of Judaism, thru his studies of the Talmuds, midrashim and the Zohar.  The leader of the Messianic congregation warned us all to stay away from this man, so I quickly befriended him.  Rabbi Moyal lived near my home and I went to his home nearly every day to study under him.  I soon began hosting a Torah study taught by Rabbi Moyal at my home.  

Rabbi Moyal’s Torah study was not taught on a night conflicting with the Messianic congregations meetings, no one from the Messianic Congregation was attending, and the meetings were held about twenty miles away from the Messianic congregation.   None the less one day the leader of the Messianic congregation showed up at my door with one of his “elders”. The leader told me that they were serving as two witnesses and were there to tell me that I must choose whom is to be my “covering”.  I looked him straight in the eye and asked him if he knew what the Hebrew word for “covering” is.  He looked at me dumbfounded and I told him “the Hebrew word is ‘Kippur’, it also means “atonement”.  I then told him that he was not my atonement and never would be!  I told him that I was therefore withdrawing any “membership” I might have in his congregation.  The following Wednesday I was disfellowshipped on the charge of “seeking his own way apart from the congregation.”  

By the late 1980'a I began teaching the restoration of Nazarene Judaism and found this was resonating with many others, and a resurgence of Nazarene Judaism was born.

The truths of Nazarene Judaism have always been in the Scriptures waiting to be discovered. We are living in a truly exciting age. Elohim is going to reward us with even more wisdom, knowledge and understanding concerning his plan for us as believers, as well as for the people of this world. We have been called not only to understand who we are (Nazarenes), where we are going, but we are also chosen to realize the responsibilities that Elohim has placed on us. We are His people and YHWH wishes all of us to have a partnership in bring both Torah and Messiah to the world. We at the WNAE are doing our part (and I believe Elohim is pleased with our efforts—yours and mine). Let us keep up the good work, and Elohim, I truly believe will reward us abundantly.

(To Be Continued)


As I have said to you many times, I look on this work as a co-operative one with me, and all of you combining our resources together in order to get the job done of helping to teach this great truth to all in the world who will listen. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, you are the ones who make it all possible by your contributions and your prayers for our work. I truly appreciate your help in every way.

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Comment by Bob Miller on January 21, 2016 at 12:35pm

James, what do you mean when you wrote 'The leader of the Messianic congregation warned us all to sat away from this man'???  I detect a typo!

Comment by James Trimm on January 21, 2016 at 12:38pm

I have corrected it to read "warned us all to stay away from this man"

Comment by Bob Miller on January 21, 2016 at 12:44pm



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