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This is just a teaser. The reason it is, is because I have not completetly gone beyond the concept.

I know it is unusual to put an incomplete work out there before you have oranized it.

I was speaking to a friend in the faith and on the cuff expressing the way I handle situations. The reasoning behind the reason I respond the way i do.

I try to always give a person the benefit of doubt. In other words I make up an excuse for them that I would accept.

I call it attitude. I try to keep an attitude of an excuse for them. I want to reason for them the excuse of why they said what they said or did.

Now this isn't far from what I see Yahshua doing with those that know they need (His) salvation. However the technical term used is 'grace'.

Modeling that "attitude" towards the unloved, and not even liked... for whatever reason.

So here is the bottom line... there have been someones in my life that continually shared the grace of Yahshua towards me.

I now have an old, new word for what I have done with my attitude. When I couple Yahshua's grace with my attitude I end up with G R A T T I T U D E.

I am training myself to walk in grattitude: my attitude and His grace.

your servant of Yahshua

a watchman in Cisco


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Comment by Cliff Tucker on November 28, 2010 at 8:27pm
It has always been needed. However Yahshua was also harsh at times. He was harsh with those who thought they had attained; like the scribes, those of the Pharisee and and Saducee, as well as know it all teachers. Yahshua welcomed the poor or the rich... if their heart was right.


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