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Jewish Boxer's Dilemma: Weigh In on Sabbath or be Disqualified

Baruch Gordon founded the Arutz Sheva- website in 1995 and directed its English Media Department for 14 years. Baruch studied and taught at the Bet El Yeshiva Center, later serving as Dean of its Program for Overseas Students and Program for IDF Veterans. Currently, Baruch works in Public Relations for Bet El Institutions. Baruch is certified by Israel's Chief Rabbinate to counsel married couples and prepare hatanim for marriage. 



It happened at Armenia’s prestigious Demirchyan Sports Complex. Ten thousand people crowded the stands on November 25th for the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Youth World Boxing Championship - thousands remained outside for lack of space.

Young contestants from 70 nations flew in for the event. Israel sent a small delegation of some eight boxers, each the national champion in his weight class. Akiva Finkelstein (18) from Bet El, is Israel’s light welterweight (up to 140 lbs) champion. Born to Baruch – a published Torah scholar and real estate agent, and Michal – a midwife at a Jerusalem hospital, Akiva viewed the boxing schedule upon arrival and saw that his first fight was set for Saturday night.

Being a religious Jew, Akiva and his father had faced many difficult halakhic (Jewish legal) dilemmas at previous tournaments. . . . more of the stories here (

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