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Lead captive all thoughts to the obedience of the Messiah

A major key to Spiritual Warfare is self control. Paul writes:

For the implement of our service is not of the flesh, but of the
power of Eloah, and by it we subdue rebellious strongholds.
And we pull down reasoning's and all pride that exalts [itself]
against the knowledge of Eloah, and we lead captive all
thoughts to the obedience of the Messiah.
(2Cor. 10:4-5)

This concept is the theme of the book of 4th Maccabees. Unfortunately those English editions of 4th Maccabees which are in circulation, are all translated from the Greek text. The very beautiful Aramaic text has never been translated into English.

The word of philosophy that I am about
to discuss before you: If the true mind of peace
is sovereign to the fear of Elohim. I am an upright
advisor to you, that you should pay earnest
attention in philosophy.
(4Macc. 1:1 HRV)

The author of 4th Maccabees gives us many examples. He points out that when we choose not to eat unkosher food, we are exercising this self-control (4Macc. 1:33-35). When the patriarch Yosef (Joseph) resisted the sexual advances of Potiphar’s wife he was also exercising this self-control (4Macc. 2:1-6). Eleazar exercised this same self-control in overcoming the tortures of Antiochus Epiphanies and maintaining his testimony for Torah. Speaking of Eleazar, 4th Maccabees says:

No city besieged ever held out against
mighty vassals coming against its walls
and its various parts like this. He was
dressed in all the armor. For while his
soul was suffering, consumed by torture,
and by tribulation, and by burning, he
conquered the tribulation because of his
mind was fighting with the shield of truth.
(4Macc. 7:4 - HRV)

Hanna and her seven sons likewise exercised this self control in resisting these tortures and holding fast to YHWH, as 4th Maccabees says of her:

Therefore put on the full armor of authority
over the passions, which belongs to
the mind that fears Eloah.
(4Macc. 13:16 HRV)

You will want to study the entire book of 4th Maccabees, the overall subject of this book is that of how to “lead captive all thoughts” (2Cor. 10:4-5)

Until recently these three verses were the sum total of all of the Aramaic that had ever been published in English. \

I believe that Spiritual Warfare is something we definitely need to be concentrating on in these last days, and so I have begun the work of translating this monumental work into English for the first time ever.

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