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In the mid 1990’s several individuals came to me with concern about a tape set by anti-missionary Rabbi Tovia Singer titled “Le’ts Get Biblical.”  One of these gave me a copy of the tape set to review, and several persons encouraged me to formulate a response.  Thus in 1999 I recorded “Let’s Get Truthful,” a fourteen point tape set with a point by point response to Singer’s tapes.

For many years the Let’s Get Truthful tape set was a mainstay in response to the anti-missionaries.  In time, however, cassette tapes became virtually obsolete.  After our home was flooded, the original master tapes were lost, however using a set of copies we released the same audio teachings as a single CD of MP3 Files (and downloadable file), including a bonus "tape" and PDF Study Guide.).

However I feel the time has come to release the same (and more) material in the form of a book, and thus have now written Let’s Get Truthful, the book.

It bears mentioning that this book contains verbatim much of the same information which is also found in my recent book Mashiach: Messiah from a True Jewish Perspective.  However the two books are quite different in many important ways.

The purpose of Mashiach: Messiah from a True Jewish Perspective was to produce an argument which explains, from a uniquely Jewish perspective, who the Messiah is, what His purpose is to accomplish, why He is sent, and how He will accomplish Elohim’s purpose for Him and to do so without relying on the New Testament Scriptures.
Mashiach: Messiah from a True Jewish Perspective presents the Messiah from a true Jewish perspective, using only the Tanak itself and other ancient Jewish sources such as the Targums, the Talmuds, the Midrashim, the Zohar, the Sefer Yetzirah, the Bahir, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the writings of the first century Jewish writer Philo.  This book never cites or even mentions either Yeshua or the New Testament, yet any Orthodox Jew who reads the book with an open mind cannot help but come to the conclusion that only Yeshua could have been the Messiah.

The present volume Let’s Get Truthful, contains a great deal more material than Mashiach: Messiah from a True Jewish Perspective and is many pages longer.  Lets Get Truthful does mention Yeshua and the so-called “New Testament” because it is a response to the anti-missionaries attacks on both. The present volume, for example, includes historical evidence to support Yeshua as the Messiah and defense against various attacks on the so-called New Testament, which are totally inappropriate for the prior volume.

Mashiach: Messiah from a True Jewish Perspective is designed to prove that Yeshua is Messiah by starting without any presumptions, using only Jewish sources.  It is the perfect book to give a Rabbinic Jew to introduce them to the Messiah.

By contrast Let’s Get Truthful is the book to give to a person who is being troubled by the counter-missionary efforts of anti-missionaries.


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