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Recently I wrote an exposay Vatican Library Hid Original Hebrew Gospel Manuscripts for Centuries which has had, to date, over 1,374 hits.  The Vatican Library spent centuries hiding these texts, they are very likely still hiding many of them.  I have played a leading role over the last 30 plus years, of locating these ancient Hebrew and Aramaic New Testament manuscripts and texts.  The Vatican Library may be dedicated to hiding these texts, but my life's work has been to find and publicize them!  Will you help me continue to do that?  I recently published the New Hebraic Roots Version "New Testament" which is based on these important documents.  Many of you have asked about Strong's word numbers for these documents,  Well the Vatican Library may have tried to hide documents, but I want to put them online, interlinear, keyed to Strong's word numbers, for the whole world to have!  And I don't want to put it behind a paywall!  This is a time intensive project!  But if you will support me in it, I will do it! In fact, I have already started! So what do you say?  Will you help me put this information right out there on the internet for everyone to have? 

We need to raise $2,OOO by the end of the day Wednesday July 3rd!

If you can make a one time donation of $500 or $1,000 dollars to support this work, now is the time to step up to the plate, as we are in a budget shortfall.

What other ministry is reaching the Jewish people with Messiah like this ministry is?

Now is time to step up to the plate!

You can donate by going to the pay-pal counter at or donations can be sent by paypal to

Donations can also be made out to “Nazarene Judaism” and sent to:

Nazarene Judaism
PO Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

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