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LIVE TONIGHT: Rico Cortes Talks Prophecy on Schtix and Stones

Rico Cortes will be joining Christopher and JJ Roxx for a LIVE call in edition of Schtix and Stones this Tuesday night (9/27/11).
When Rico appeared on Schtix and Stones the first time it was the most controversial and most downloaded episode of Schtix and Stones to date.  It recieved over 1,000 downloads, and over 6,000 feed views in the matter of a month.  In that episode Rico and Mark David Smith (To Torah or Not To Torah, and The Messianic Lifestyles Magazine) discussed the validity of the Talmud, and the audience was shocked to find out that Rico was not a Karaite, and had deep knowledge of the Talmud as well as the Scriptures.
 Well in this upcoming episode which will be LIVE, unlike the first episode Rico was on, Rico will be discussing Biblical prophecy and answering the question, "are we in the end days? and what are we to expect?".  Rico will be discussing Palestine and Israel and their boarders and how this plays into prophecy.  You will not want to miss this live event.  To hear the show LIVE on Tuesday September 27th 2011 at 9:30pm EST (8:30pm Central) (6:30pm Pacific) Simply click on the link below. (call in number (714) 242-5191


If you are not able to catch the Live broadcast the show will be archived in produced RuachHD sound and posted on the Schtix and Stones podcast and will be aired on the Nazarene Radio Network Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9pm EST and to get the podcast of the produced RuachHD Media of Schtix and Stones Simply Click Bwlow:



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