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The Messianic hope as found in an ancient Rosh Hashanah prayer from an Orthodox Jewish prayer book: "May it be Your will that the sounding of the shofar which we have done will be embroidered in the veil by the appointed angel, as You accepted it by Elijah of blessed memory and by Yahusha, the Prince of the Face [i.e. Prince of God's Presence] and the one who sits on Elohim's throne. May You be filled with compassion toward us. Deserving of praise are You YHUH of compassion" (S. Birnbaum, Behind The Curtain, Siddur HaShalem, part 2, p. 282).
Malakh ha-Panim—the Messenger of the Face  Presence—say that the title "malakh ha-panim" means "Prince of the Countenance" (Sar ha-Panim)
Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter demonstrated how the name of Yahusha the 'Sar ha-Panim'... meaning the 'Prince of the Face [Presence]', is found in the ancient musaf prayers that were traditionally prayed in the synagogues on Rosh Hashana; in both the Ashkenazic and the Sephardic traditions. I met with Simcha ( an orthodox messianic rabbi) in Ir Orvot before he died; it where abba Yah gave me Bracha as a my new name 1999.
here is a video Rabbi Pearlmutter Reveals Yeshua/Yahusha in Ancient Musaf Prayer:

Also you'll find a good study published on Nazarene Space here:

I personally do not give much for talmud, zohar or kabbalah at all, but for the rabbis to open their understanding who are denying Yahusha ha Mashiach it will mean a lot , and see in whom they pierced and still do by their own writings. For there was , is and always will be a remnant of true believers into their righteous Messiah. But don't tell them I said this lol if they start open their eyes and ears by showing them the places in Scriptures their eyes will open wide and they will do their own research to what you show them and finally see. There are the testimonies of rabbis who became our brethren when found the Truth through Scriptures when they received it. Praise Yahuah and pray many many more will come to the right understanding. Baruch Yahuah eloheinu melech ha olam l'olam vaed.

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