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For those who don't know. My wife Kitty Trimm was hospitalized three times for a total of about six weeks in 2015. She had seven surgeries that year, two of which were major and invasive. In July she started having complications from those previous surgeries, they left her abdominal wall weak and she had developed three hernias. She was going to need9 another major surgery to instal a mesh to reinforce her abdominal wall. She had that surgery in late August which kept us in the hospital for a week. Then on August 28th we went home. Last night she was "spaced out " and running a high fever. She was not well enough to walk, so an ambulance took her back to the hospital (Harris HEB) and so we are back. She is now being treated for a post surgical infection. Please keep us in prayer. Someone asked in one of the posts below if we need money. The short answer is "yes" and donations can be sent by to or by clicking on the PayPal box here at

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