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Myth of the Money Hungry Jew - A Most Important Article that Every Nazarene Should Read....Please

Myth of the Money Hungry Jew

Contrary to popular belief, the Jews do not control America’s financial market or any type of global media outlet, whether entertainment or news based. Having a background in studying the formation and continued expansion of what we know as the New World Order, formerly introduced to the public by President Bush senior on the eve of the Gulf War back in the Nineties, my own research points to a more Greco-Roman populated institution behind such an alleged role, both in its foundation and continued growth. The initial founder of the Illuminati, the collective name of the group that is fragmented into a thousand smaller subsidiary organisations alluded to by the “one thousand points of light” statement, was a German by the name of Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt was a devout Catholic and being educated in the strictest manner by the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) he devised a long term method by way of implementing Fabian Socialist reforms (“what we once achieved by the way of the mailed fist we will now achieve by way of with the velvet glove”) characterised by the concept of “Gradualism,” by means of dissolving national sovereignty, absorbing and marshalling the control of the world’s most dominant religions and implementing marshal law under a global government. But this is a whole other subject and my subject (for now) is proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Jews are not behind America’s major financial institutions.

Firstly, to believe that Jews exclusively control the entire financial and business sector of the world’s supreme superpower, the United States of America’s is like believing that Aboriginals control Australia’s economy. Cradling the view that the Jews control all of America’s money is also a default belief that they control its military, and by proxy - the world. Defence is now and has been for quite some time, managed as a business. This is evident in the increased presence of civilian industry within defence, notably in the presence of contract personnel, even in some cases using corporate driven mercenary and orderly trained tri-defence (Army, Navy and Air Force) units within the theatre of war.

What alarms me most about this sweeping view is that it is the crown prince of excuses to initiate a second holocaust on the Jew just waiting to happen.

This view is quite contradictory to the basic facts, let alone the obvious problematic appointment of the current pro-Islamic president, Baruch Obama. Standing firm to this myth of the money hungry Jew pulling America’s strings in the face of this conundrum is one step shy of saying that the Jews control Islam and two steps shy of saying that everything evil in the world has a manically laughing hook nosed Jew squatting behind it. It you come home to milk spilt on the floor, it was probably a Jew.

The popular myth that the first banks started with the Jews after the Catholic Church imposed decrees that disenfranchised them economically was a lie when it was first written. Even if this were true which it is not, the enormity of the holocaust would have almost certainly pushed the Jew entirely out of the banking institutions that they had supposedly started. Quite simply, with either view one can’t have his proverbial cake and eat it. The concept of banks originated in ancient Babylon, Egypt and Greece, where their temples were usually served as the places to deposit money. This concept actually goes back to YHWH’s heavenly law with the deposit of 10% of angelic accumulated resources to be handed over to the Melechazadek order to support them in their Temple duties. Nevertheless, the Babylonians and the afore mentioned nations practised it first on earth as the fall

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