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Nazarene Assembly in Sydney Australia Have a New Name!

From Jason Jordan and our affiliate in Sydney Australia: Yes, it's true; we have changed our name from Agudat Bris Sydney to Netsarim Antoecie (Nazarenes of Australia).

The word Netsarim means "Offshoot Branch Watchmen" and is the original name of our sect according to Scripture (Acts 24:5). Those of you familiar with this verse might not be surprised that we toyed with the idea of calling ourselves "Trouble Makers" or “Ringleaders” but thankfully sobriety prevailed – Baruch HaShem Yahweh! Originally the true faith was an offshoot sect of ancient Orthodox Judaism, defined by accepting Yahshua as the Moshiach (Messiah), the one heralded by the prophets of the TaNaK (A.K.A. The Old Testament).

Rav Sha’ul’s (A.K.A. The Apostle Paul’s) accusers called his faith “the Nazarene sect,” because of its ties to Yahshua, being born in the town of Nazareth (Natzaret) meaning “Town of the Watchmen” (Matthew 2:22).
A chief feature of this sect was its unique call to expand the frontiers of Judaism under the headship of Yahshua benYosef to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel scattered throughout the nations (Matthew 15:24). This was the mission of Moshiach, continued by his Shluchim (Apostles) and now by brothers and sisters across the globe today.

For this reason our catch cry, “Calling the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” has remained intact.

The word Antoecie comes from an ancient name for our continent on the famous spherical world map of Crates of Mallos, even appearing on the Greek map of Eratosthenese in 239 BC.

Now, for those curious as to where the “of” is in the Hebrew, be aware that “shel,” made of a shin and a lamed is a modern Hebrew “possessive” construct chain and in Scriptural titles such as “the house of Abraham” we simply read “bayt Avraham” or with the expression “the family of David” we read “mishpahat David.” So following in this vein the title has no adjoining “shel” or “mim” possessive construct.

We felt that this name reflects our identity most accurately, defining us not as Christians, a name inferring insurgents or disease ridden folk (those affected by cretinism) depending on the source, but as those who watch after the offshoot branch that sprang from the stump of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1) hence “Offshoot Branch Watchman,” signifying the linage of David from which came Yahshua HaMoshiach.

Though "Kristos" (Christian) means "anointed" in Greek and the suffix of "ian" was added later signifying "Anointed Ones,” this title reflects a Greek context rather than a Hebrew one and in all three uses of the term in the Nazarene Writings (A.K.A. The New Testament) it is used in context as a slur (Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, & Alef Kepha 4:16). Added to this, the title “Christian” used today reflects a large body of religious people who follow a version of the faith founded by the defected Simon Magus and codified by the pagan Emperor Constantine. This religion denies its three core pillars which are: loving the Name, keeping the Sabbaths and holding fast to the Covenants (Isaiah 56:6). In contrast, these three aspects are our foundation as they were for early followers of Moshiach.
So our name in English is “Nazarenes of Australia.”

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