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Discussion: Matthew 23
Then Yeshua said to the multitude and to His disciples,
The Scenes and Pharisees sit in the seat of Moses, whatsoever, therefore, he tells you, that observe and do.

My humble opinion of this scripture is that Yeshua confirms the authority of the Scribes and Pharisees to just the Law and make Halacha, so long as their Halacha agrees with the Torah. When, however, they issue takanot that contradicts the Torah, do not follow it.
As a Nazarene Jew, I say that we need an operational Bet Din. The development of our own Halacha is very important to the success of the Jewish Tradition that we follow.
In lieu of our own Halacha, I believe that, since the Messiah followed to Pharisee school of Hillel, we are bound by the Halacha that was produced, so long and that Halacha does not conflict with the Torah.
An example is Natilat Yadayim. Nowhere in the Torah are we commanded to wash hands before bread or tefillah as Jews. The Levites and the Kohanim , on the otherhand, are required to do so before certain ritual acts, or handling Holy things.
The general principle is that one who is exempt from a Mitzvot may stay exempt, or my practice it. You must do a Mitzvot that you're required to do, but you can do one you are not required to do, so long as you are not excluded or forbidden from it.
Am I correct?

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