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New: A Complete Nazarene Commentary to the Four Gospels!

NEW!  Finally a Complete Nazarene Commentary to the Four Gospels!

Over 750 pages!

This Commentary is

Based on the original Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts.

Written from a Jewish Perspective

 In Continuity with Second Temple Era Judaism

This volume contains Hundreds of Citations From:

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Writings of Philo

The Writings of Joephus

The Targums

The Mishnah

The Talmuds

The Midrashim

The Zohar

And More...

This book contains James Scott Trimm's newly revised and expanded commentary to all four Gospels and is Volume One in what will be a Two Volume set covering the entire Ketuvim Netzarim (the "New Testament") which is scheduled for release later this year!

This handsome case-wrapped hardbound volume is just $49.99! 

This is an essential volume for your bookshelf! 


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Comment by Jaime Lopez Ortega on November 4, 2018 at 7:18pm

R. Trimm, Do you have a landline phone where we can call you... even a cell phone is fine..  Please email directly @ or calling me is even better @ 508-961-1610 with your number... I am wanting to know if your N.T. Commentary in 2 volumes is completed yet...  I want to order as soon as possible... But I am waiting for the 2 volumes to be completed.. 

Thank you,


Bro. Jaime


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