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New Hebraic Roots Verson and Commemorative Edition


I have been quiet the last few days because my nose has been buried in the scrolls. I was up literally all night last night working on the New Hebraic Roots Version Ketuvim Natarim (The so-called "New Testament"), which (among other improvements) will incorporate new manuscripts which were unknown at the time the HRV (which is now out of print) was first translated and published.

We need your help. This is a time intensive project. I hope to have it ready by the end of June! With today's technology, we can have the book up and available for "on demand" printing and shipping, the same day it is finished!

As many of you know, this has been my life's work. As many of you also know, my wife and I have been trying to work our way out of a financial hole since her 53 day hospitalization put us behind, back in August/September.

We are asking for our supporters to dig deep to help us recover and get back on track, and help fund this important work. We are on the cutting edge of this last days restoration!

Just this last month we published an old Hebrew text of the Creed of the Emissaries, in Hebrew and English, published in a little known volume nearly 500 years ago, tied to the publications of Hebrew Matthew from that same source, along with evidence tying the Creed to the original Jewish followers of Yeshua known as the Nazarenes.

In order to finance this important work, and get this ministry back on an even footing, we are offering a very special, Commemorative edition of the New Hebraic Roots Version of the Ketuvim Netzarim.

Only ten of these Commemorative Editions will ever be printed! Each one will be numbered 1 of 10, 2 of 10 etc. These will be signed, have a special unique cover, and a special message inside, thanking those who made a substantive donation for their important role in funding the New Hebraic Roots Version, and honoring them with the gift of one of the only ten copies of this Special Commemorative edition.

The first ten people to donate at least $777 beginning today, will receive one of these ten Commemorative editions. 


As I have said to you many times, I look on this work as a co-operative one with me, and all of you combining our resources together in order to get the job done of helping to teach this great truth to all in the world who will listen. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, you are the ones who make it all possible by your contributions and your prayers for our work. I truly appreciate your help in every way.

You can donate by going to the pay-pal counter at or donations can be sent by paypal to

Donations can also be made out to “Nazarene Judaism” and sent to:

Nazarene Judaism
PO Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

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