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This was inspired by the verse in Psalm 147 that says
he heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.;

If you have a broken heart
then you are not alone,
if you have friends and family
to help you heal.

but if you are alone
and have noone to turn to,
know that there is one
Who will never let you down.

He will comfort you and be there
when you're crying in the night,
he will surround you with his presence
and give to you his peace.

he will take the pieces of your heart
and fit them back together,
pouring in the soothing balm
of his love and compassion.

He will heal you and restore you
and give you hope to cling to,
He will listen as you work through your feelings
and help you face the day.

He doesn't take all the pain away
or instantly make it better
but he supports you through the trouble
with his love and with his peace.

and he understands just how you feel,
and he's safe to confide in,
Nothing you can say will shock him
or make him run from you.

How do I know all this about him?
Because he's been there for me
in the darkest hours of my life
he helped me make it through.

And he healed my broken heart
in a loving gentle way
and helped me to get over
the things that happened to me.

Who is this one I speak of?
Where can he be found?
He is HaShem, our creator
and he's just a prayer away.

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