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Operation Wake Up Call is a wake up call for the world! The world is in a deep sleep of apostasy (Is. 29:10; Rom. 11:8) and needs a wake up call. There is nothing like the power of good old fashioned "door to door" witnessing for Torah and Messiah, just as our Nazarene forefathers did (Acts 20:20). Operation wake up call is a complete support system for full scale door to door outreach.

The Operation Wake Up Call system consists of six simple lessons intended to be given over six visits of less than an hour each. The first lesson is titled “What is Truth?” by the sixth visit “You’re a Nazarene Now” the prospect has become a Nazarene. At each visit the prospect is given a low key 3-fold flyer “study guide” with which to follow along and which they can keep to look back over.

I believe this may become one of the most fruitful efforts ever to reach the world with the message of Torah and Messiah.

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