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Original Hebrew of 1Maccabees Comes to Light

Shalom Chaverim,

I want to update you all on some of the work being done on the Hebraic Roots Version of the Apocrypha.  But before I go into that, I have another matter I need to address.


My laptop computer has died.  This laptop is a key part of the “recording studio” for Clear Truth as well as my other radio broadcasts/streams.  The desktop I am using now is not practical to use for audio.  If anyone out there has an old laptop (preferably one running Windows XP but that’s not a requirement) they would like to donate please email me at

Regarding the work on the Hebraic Roots Version of the Apocrypha, we have (thanks to one of our German supporters, acquired a copy of "Untersuchungen uber die Resteeines hebräischen textes vom ersten Makkabäerbuch" (Studies on the remains of a Hebrew text from the first Book of Maccabees) By Dr. Abraham Schweizer published in Berlin in 1901.


In this book Schweizer published a Hebrew manuscript of a large portion of First Maccabees, along with an study of the textual nature of the manuscript comparing it with the Greek and Syriac versions. Schweizer gives several pages of evidence to support his conclusion that this Hebrew is the original Hebrew of 1st Maccabees.

Two years later (1903) Charles Cutler Torrey criticized Schweizer's analysis in the Journal of Biblical Literature "Schweizer's 'Remains of a Hebrew Text of 1Maccabees."(JBL Vol. 22, No. 1), 1903. Torrey concludes that Schweizer was "too optimistic" the Hebrew is "a secondary recession" and "in no instance is there any ground for the contention that it has preserved the original reading, as against the other versions."

I have now had the opportunity to review Schweizer's arguments (they are all in German, but I am making my way through them with some language tools) and Torrey's counter arguments. Schweizer's arguments are very compelling and I am convinced he was correct. 


I am currently working on a parallel English/Hebrew translation of the manuscript and compiling some of Schweizer's arguments, adding some of my own and responding to Torrey's.

If you have considered supporting this ministry... now would be a good time!


We will likely end up having to buy a new laptop.  Tithes and offerings in August and September were extremely low and while they picked up somewhat in October, we are still way below budget. The funds to replace a laptop are just not there.  We need your financial support to help us continue to bring the message of Torah and Messiah to the world.


I cannot do this alone, the work of WNAE is made possible by supporters like you. Your tithes and offerings make all of this work possible.


Stand up and support this work with your contributions, tithes and offerings. We are reaching a lost world with Torah and Messiah. Through our blogs, literature and podcasts we are also feeding young believers milk and mature believers nice juicy steaks.


Ultimately it is up to you to make this work possible.


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