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Orthodox Jewish Scholar's Profound Words about Yeshua

Orthodox Jewish Scholar's
Profound Words about Yeshua
James Scott Trimm

In recent blogs I have spoken to you about the changes in attitude that are taking place in regards to Yeshua of Nazareth in the Jewish Community, and how this may relate to the prophecy Yeshua made:

38 Behold, your house is forsaken; to you desolate.
39 And I tell you, that you will not see Me here after,
until you say,
Blessed is He that comes in the Name of YHWH!
(Matt. 23:38-39)

(For more info on this prophecy click here.)

This ministry is at the forefront of this coming restoration.

In the 1980’s my old mentor Rabbi Moyal, an Orthodox Rabbi from Israel accepted Yeshua as the Messiah based  on material he found in the Talmud, Midrashim and Zohar.  I myself came out of Rabbinic Judaism some thirty years ago when I accepted Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah of Judaism.

Beginning in the late 90's I began reporting that a great number of Orthodox Jews (even Rabbis) already know that Yeshua is the true and only Messiah and that some of them have even confided this fact to me. I stated then that they had no intention of disclosing this fact because they believed it would unite them with an anti-Torah Christianity which is overflowing with pagan customs and practices, and a disdain for the Torah which is seen as "bondage".I received a lot of skepticism at the time, and then Rabbi Yizachak Kaduri made arrangements to reveal his belief in Yeshua as the Messiah one year after his death.

In 2012 Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Shmuley Boteach published the book Kosher Jesus, which, while not accepting Yeshua as the Messiah, takes a non-hostile approach to Yeshua, seeking to reclaim Yeshua as a Jewish sage of the Second Temple Era.

Just recently Orthodox Jewish scholar Daniel Boyarin wrote a book "The Jewish Gospels; The Story of the Jewish Christ".  This book also takes a non-hostile approach to Yeshua and his original Jewish followers.  Daniel Boyarin is not only a noted historian of religion, he has also been called "one of the two or three greatest rabbinic scholars in the world."  He holds dual United States and Israeli citizenship. Trained as a Talmudic scholar, in 1990 he was appointed Professor of Talmudic Culture, Departments of Near Eastern Studies and Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, a post which he still holds.

Boyarin opens his book with some very interesting words:

If there is one thing that Christians know about their religion, it is that it’s not Judaism.  If there’s one thing Jews know about their faith, it is that it’s not Christianity. If there is one thing that both groups know about this “double not,” it’s that Christians believe in the Trinity and the incarnation of Christ (the Greek word for Messiah) and that Jews don’t, that Jews keep kosher and Christians don’t.
If only things were that simple.  In this book, I’m going to tell a very different story, a story of a time when Jews and Christians were much more mixed up with each other than they are now, when there were many Jews who believed in something quite like the Father and the Son and even in something like the incarnation of the Son in the Messiah, and when followers of Jesus kept kosher as Jews, and accordingly a time in which the difference between Judaism and Christianity just didn’t exist as it does now....

While by now almost everyone, Christian and non-Christian, is happy enough to refer to Jesus, the human, as a Jew, I want to go a step beyond that. I wish us to see that Christ too–the divine Messiah–is a Jew. Christology, or the early ideas about Christ, is also a Jewish discourse and not–until much later–an anti-Jewish discourse at all. Many Israelites at the time of Jesus were expecting a Messiah who would be divine and come to earth in the form of a human. Thus the basic underlying thoughts from which both the Trinity and the incarnation grew are there in the very world into which Jesus was born and in which he was first written about in the Gospels of Mark and John (1-2)
(Daniel Boyarin, The Jewish Gospels; The Story of the Jewish Christ; 2012, p. 1, 5-6)

Of course I believe that Boyarin uses the term "Christian" too loosely here (the original followers of Yeshua identified themselves as Jews and not as "Christians,") however it is very interesting that such an important Orthodox Jewish scholar is now willing to admit that not only were Yeshua's original followers Kosher eating and Torah observant, but that the doctrine of the Deity of Messiah itself was of Jewish origin, was held by the original Jewish followers of Yeshua from the very beginning, and has been rejected by Rabbinic Judaism since the first century in a reactionary manner!

The "Jesus" Judaism has Rejected

Have the Jews really rejected Yeshua?  The only "Jesus" that most Jewish people have ever been exposed to is the "Jesus" that supposedly came to "free them from the bondage of the Law". Yes, they have rejected this Torahless Jesus, and rightly so. But most of them have never been exposed to the real Yeshua.

In coming years you will see many Jewish people embracing Yeshua as the Messiah.  (In fact it has already begun).  But the Yeshua that they accept will be the real Yeshua and not the Torahless "Jesus" that Christendom has adopted from pagan sources.

The Jewish people know that an anti-Torah Messiah is no Messiah at all, they know better than to accept the rank paganism attached to Gentile Christianity.

As I have been saying for years, I am personally aware of a great many Orthodox Jews (even Rabbis) who already know that Yeshua is the Messiah, but are not yet prepared to reveal this information to the world.  One of these told me that he is waiting until "the right time".

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Comment by Henri Orquera on August 18, 2015 at 5:04pm

The American Orthodox Jew Simkhah Perlmutter (zatzal) made Alyah [went] to Israel and established a little community in the very center of the Neguev desert, in the south of Israel. Eventually, students went to hear him proclaming "Yeshuah is the Mashiakh of Israel". The curtain in front of the aron of his synagogue had embroidered on it "Yeshakh Mashiakh".

Many Rabbis, and even Great Rabbis or Israel made the trip to discuss with him. Generally, the question was not whether Yeshuah is or is not the the Mashiakh of Israel. The answer was evident.

The question was "Who or What allows you to declare him to the people NOW, while we are hiding him for centuries ? Why TODAY?

Simkhah Perlmutter used to tell that in Yeshivot (Torah schools) sometimes it occurs a student becomes overexcited about what The Lord has made for His people a will ardently tell it to everybody. Then, the teachers take him in private and tell him "you have found out our big secret", and they teach him to keep on the secret, as themselves are doing because ...

Generally, the reason was "because we are in Galout (exile), we are impure, and we would soil our Mashiakh to show him to the impure people".

This reason worked well in exile, but this reason doesn't work now as Jewish people are living in Israel. Hence the problem for the rabbis.

Source: The French magazine "Documents Experiences" is published by Christian people found of Israel, some of them fluent in Hebrew. Years ago, they made the trip from France to the Simkhah Perlmutter community in order to interview him and to publish a large interview on Perlmutter, his life, his little community far away, and why he does this.

I relate this from memory, but I then bought 3 copies of this magazine which remain somewhere in my house.

Comment by Laurie R Giesler on September 23, 2015 at 8:23am
PLEASE bear with my questions.
How do I wake up my Christian friends to the paganism within the church, and the fact that fulfilling the Law didn't obliterate it?

How do I explain the fact we should not and cannot observe the Levitical Law but as much of it as still is observable (I tried the fact that Yeshua fulfilled the sacrificial part but the moral and civilian rules still apply in this age. They just say, he fulfilled all of it)?

I have used the letter to the Hebrews, Yeshua's own words, and many verses to prove the Torah didn't go away. That God didn't change, and that a new covenant doesn't remove an older one. But, they've been taught that to follow 'the Law' brings one under it and they no longer have Yeshua's righteousness. No, breaking the Law brings one under it!

I have tried to tell them that the Commandments are referenced in Revelation - about believers on Yeshua.

I have tried to show them the misinterpretations of Shaul's statements, with an anti-Jewish, anti-Law, Roman mindset, but they hold onto the doctrines established by the Roman church, which was apostate from the start and whose paganism wasn't removed with the Reformation.

They state, they aren't Jews so they don't have to keep Torah. They are taught to keep the Law will send them to hell. No, to keep the Law FOR ONE'S OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS will. To keep Torah out of obedience is to honor our Lord.

I have stated, if we don't have the Law, then we can't sin and don't need a 'great high priest' as Hebrews tells us. They state 'the Law is written on our hearts'. Obviously not, because you are observing Christmas, Lent, and Easter, which are pagan Mysteries festivals to its gods and goddesses.

Does anyone have words of wisdom? This is truly on my heart because I spent two years studying the roots of the paganism I saw in the world today and found it goes back to the Malachim, the 'mysteries of heaven', and the resulting Babylonian Mysteries cult of Nimrod's Bavel.

It caused our ancestors' downfall and then invaded followers of early gentile church, causing worship of another god. Of course, the enemy of G-d would want to lead G-d's people astray. We need to call them back to their Hebrew roots. They are part of the vine.

Thank you!


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