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Overcame pancreatic cancer with Yahweh's healing word and diet! Today's guest is Felicity Corbin Wheeler has written an extensive book on God's health directives in the Bible, having been healed of terminal pancreatic cancer through God's Healing Word in Genesis 1:29 and 30.

With a no hope, no treatment diagnosis, she trusted in God's Word to heal her.
A doctor gave her thirteen intravenous treatments of the essence of these seeds, known as vitamin B17 or laetrile, and once able to eat again, she started following God's health directives to eat only raw living foods found in vegetables, fruits and seeds. Within a year she was healed and the scans clear.

She has an international ministry, preaching for Bible Society around the world. She works with Gouray Church in Jersey and also has an interdenominational ministry in the Algarve in Portugal, where she leads services and Alpha courses at a Christian restaurant and in her villa.

She has now written a book "God's Healing Word" about the way we can overcome cancer, heart disease, arthritis and all degenerative disease by coming into obedience to God.

She also runs healing weeks where people can have a peaceful holiday in a safe Christian environment learning about God as a healer, and being trained to spread God's healing Word in their own communities.

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