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Shalom Chaverim,

Shalom to you in this wonderful Passover season. Passover is a time of freedom from bondage and a time for us each to experience freedom from bondage in our own lives. And make no mistake, the Torah is a path to freedom, not bondage.

For example in Acts 12:3 Kefa is imprisoned by Herod during the Days on Unleavened Bread (the KJV wrongly has “Easter”. An angel comes to free Kefa saying “Gird yourself, and bind your sandals… cast your garments about you and follow me” (Acts 12:8 note the parallel to Ex. 12:11) and delivers him from bondage (Acts 12:9-10).

This is very much a year for deliverance!

Each year we set a place at the sader for Elijah, looking forward to the Passover when he returns. The ancient Gospel according to the Hebrews taught that the seed of Adam would be judged at a recurrence of the Passover.

Revelation itself is a Passover book. The Aramaic text of Revelation places Yochanan’s vision “on the first day of the week” the day of the firstfruits offering (Rev. 1:10 HRV). The seven menorah’s with seven branches each represent the 49 days of the counting of the omer (Rev. 1). The Messiah is pictured as a slain lamb (5:6-12). The 144,000 are the firstborn redeemed by the blood of the lamb and are sealed on their foreheads (Rev. 7:1-4; 14:1-5) paralleling the Passover which is to be “for frontlets between your eyes” (the teffillin (Ex. 13:6-16) these teffilin are closely tied to the Mezuzah (Deut. 6:8; 11:18; Ex. 13:9; 13:16) which, like the blood of the Passover lamb was placed on the doorpost. Just as the blood of the lamb on the doorpost redeemed the firstborn from the angel of death, the seal protects the 144,000 from the demonic spirits from the pit (Rev. 9:1-5). The book of Revelation is about an exodus from Babylon in the wake of plagues (Rev. 15-16; 18:1-8) parallel to the exodus from Egypt. Finally the book of Revelation concludes in the “marriage supper of the lamb” (Rev. 19:1-10) a Passover sader.

Folks I want to remind you that his ministry is supported almost entirely by your tithes and offerings. We are a third of the way through the month and very little has come in. This coming week we must pay our power bill and frankly there is nothing in the account with which to pay it. We must have your support to keep this work going, and I know that many of you are benefiting from this teaching ministry. Please do not forget to support those lessons financially.

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