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Purim is coming up!

The Feast of Nicanor is March 7 (Adar 13) and celbrates the final defeat of Nicanor the general of Antiochus Epiphanies.  This is sort of a follow up to Channukah (1Macc. 7:48-50 & 2Macc. 15:36).

The next days (Purim is March 8 (Adar 14) and Shushan Purim is March 9 (Adar 15)) are the Feast of Purim which celebrates the victory of the Jewish people over the plans of Haman to destroy us as depicted in the Book of Ester (Ester 9:20-22).
Each year at Purim the account of the Book of Esther is read in the synagogues with much rejoicing.  The name of Mordecai is cheered and Haman’s name is greeted with foot stomping boos and jeers as well as the grinding sound of noisemakers.

The villain of the story is Haman, a tool of HaSatan, an enemy of Israel and a type of the anti-Messiah.  He was a descendant of Amalek whom Elohim had commanded Am-Yisrael to totally destroy (Ex. 17:16).   King Saul had disobeyed Elohim and spared Haman’s forefathers, thus bringing the peril of Haman and his threat upon a future generation of Israel.  Mordecai was a descendant of Saul and his job was the tikkun (repair) of the error of his forefather Saul.

Purim, like the Feast of Nicanor, Channukah and Chag Yeshua is a link in the chain of the preservation of the Jewish people, a chain which YHWH himself has forged!

Purim is about the thwarting of the plan of HaSatan!  HaSatan has a plan, but YHWH’s plan ultimately will overcome HaSatan’s plan.

HaSatan’s plan is to destroy the work of this ministry... but he will fail.

Last month donations to this ministry were at a level lower than they have been in months.  

Do not count on someone else to do your part, you do your part.
Is this work worthy of your support? What other ministry provides this kind of teaching? Now is time to step up to the plate!

Folks this has been a crazy month! It has been one thing after another. Our car has been out of commission for the last two weeks. We have had to have major work done on it (including a bad ECM) and have been forced to rent a car in the meantime. This has been a very expensive month for us and the bills are still due.
Right now go to, click on the Pay Pal box and give whatever you can afford. (You can also donate directly thru PayPal by sending paypal donations to . You can also mail donations to

Nazarene Judaism
PO Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

If everyone would do this, imagine what this ministry could accomplish.

James Trimm
Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim

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