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Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes, Convenor) Chapter 12

Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes, Convener) CHAPTER 12



VERSE 1: Keep your Creator in mind while you are young! ~ In years to come you will be burdened down with troubles and say “I don’t enjoy life anymore ~ Before the evil days come: “Old age” ~ Years draw near: “add up” ~ No pleasure in them: Not looking forward to aging.


VERSE 2: Some day the light of the sun, and moon, and stars will all seem dim to you. Rain clouds will remain over your head: When you are young, things don’t worry you as much. Things don’t bother you ~ Living life in the fast lane. Start now while you are young to be wise ~ seek wisdom ~ mature early.


VERSE 3: Your body will grow feeble ~ your teeth will decay, and your eyesight will fail: Keepers or guards of the house represent your hands ~ house is your body ~ strong men shall bow down ~ represents your legs ~ grinders represent your teeth ~ those that look out of the windows are your eyes.


VERSE 4: The noisy grinding of grain will be shut out by your deaf ears, but even the song of a bird will keep you awake: Represents how older people go to bed earlier than usual and getting up early is the voice of the bird. Daughters of music brought low represents your ears ~ how your sense of hearing becomes less active.


VERSE 5: You will be afraid to climb up a hill or walk down a road. Your hair will turn white as almond blossoms. You will feel lifeless and drag along like an old grasshopper. We each go to our eternal home (the grave until the resurrection-life force returns to the Creator), and the streets are filled with those who mourn: Older people began to have someone else get things down from high shelves in their home or places because of fear of falling or losing balance ~ Almond tree flourish represents your hair turning white or gray ~ desire shall fail ~ return to dust and funerals are performed.


VERSE 6: Silver cord represents your spinal cord ~ golden bowl be broken means you began to bend over as you walk or stand in old age ~ The pitcher represents your heart or pumping or flowing of blood through your body is the fountain. Pulley at the wheel is the heart.


VERSE 7: Your body returns to the earth, and the life giving breath returns to the Creator ~ current or life force.



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