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Rabbi Trimm's Wife Hospitalized- Day 49!

As many of you know my wife went in the hospital on Aug. 3rd for surgery.  Things did not  go well.  On August 9th she was moved to ICU and was rushed into an emergency surgery.  She was in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator for two days and was incoherent for two days after that.  After several days in ICU she was downgraded to PCU.  However she was still septic and having more complications.

On August 28th she went back in for more surgery.  This was supposed to be a simple one hour procedure, but turned into a five hour operation, after which she was moved back into ICU on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma for three days.  She spent a two more days in ICU before being moved back to PCU (a step down from ICU).

So far she has, during this hospitalization, had three major surgeries, been in ICU twice, for about five days each, and been on a ventilator in a medically induced coma for two or three days twice!

Today is Thursday Sept. 20th. My wife Kitty Trimm has been hospitalized for 49 days. I have been with her the whole time sleeping on a cot. She is still dealing with a lot of pain. She is such a fighter, pushing herself so hard in physical therapy

We thought we might go home last, but the infection returned.  Earlier this week the surgeon went back in and removed some necrotic tissue that may have been harboring the infection.

We are hoping she will be cleared to go home next week.  Then the real struggle will begin.  Kitty has serious surgical wounds from three major surgeries.  She will have to have a home healthcare company come in twice a week to redress her wounds, which are attached by long tubes to a "wound vac" which sucks fluids out of the open wounds.  She will also go in once a week for the surgeon to do this himself.  She will have difficulty getting around or doing much.  And these wounds will literally take months to heal. 

I will write more about our return home soon, but I want to wrap this up for now.

This is hitting us hard financially as well (our daily co-pay is $200 plus for me to eat here is $10 for a guest tray each meal - that adds up). If you would like to donate, donations can be sent by PayPal to

When this crisis began, there were a lot of donations, but as the situation got "old" donations slowed down, and now we are very low on funds. 

This is not a time that I need to be worried about ministry funds.  And yet this has created substantial additional expenses for us at a time when we can least afford it, and right as our rent and many of our bills are due

While we were here we got news that $1,ooo we anticipated receiving while we were here, and for which we were tightly budgeted, would not be coming in.

We have a substantial daily co-pay every day she is here and  I am having to eat from the hospital (they feed my wife free, but charge me $10 a meal for a guest tray).

****If you can make a one time donation of $500 or $1,000 dollars to support this work, now is the time!****

Background for those who don't already know:

As some of you may know, back in 2015 my wife had two major abdominal surgeries.  Due to complications from those surgeries she had to have an additional surgery last August (2017).  This surgery had an even harder recovery and we were at the hospital several days.

About two months ago I had to rush my wife to the Emergncy Room and learned that her surgery about a year ago had failed, and she would have to undergo a fourth abdominal surgery, on August 3rd.

Is this work worthy of your support? What other ministry provides this kind of teaching?

What other ministry is reaching the Jewish people with Messiah and the world with Torah like this ministry is?

Now is time to step up to the plate!

You can donate by going to the pay-pal counter at or donations can be sent by paypal to

Donations can also be made out to “Nazarene Judaism” and sent to:

Nazarene Judaism
PO Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

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