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Rare copy of a Hebrew text for St Matthew & letter to the Hebrews

Shalom to all followers of Yeshua.  I have been trying to arouse interest in a little octavo book I bought in 2005 from Christie's auction rooms.  It is an extremely rare copy of Bishop de Tillett's copy of the Hebrew text of St Matthew.  James Trimm knows about it but has been too busy to reply as yet what with his dear wife in hospital.  So may she get well soon with God's help.

The book is dated 1555 and starting at the back has a dedication followed by the Hebrew text is clear type (partly pointed)  followed by a series of Jewish objections to the Gospel also in Hebrew and then a Latin Jean Mercier.  Dated Paris 1555.

So far so well known because Hugh Schonfield wrote an English translation to this in 1927 which was reprinted in 2014. Hugh is now deceased.  Prof George Howard wrote a book on a different translation of a Hebrew text by Shem Tob, somewhat earlier than the du Tillett translation.  I would like to contact him & talk about it but am having no luck despite many efforts.  I don't even know if he is alive.  His old University seem to be unsure.

So far so good but at the front of my little book is a Hebrew text of St Matthew by Sebastian Munster, which James, Howard and Schonfield seem aware of, although I have no English translation of it.  It seems to be very close to du Tillett.  All commentators affirm that Shem Tov (Evan Bohun was his magnum opus) is quite different to the other two.

What I want to declare here is that along with the text (which is in Hebrew and Latin side by side - the Hebrew not so easy to read although it is pointed throughout)  is accompanied by a hebrew text of the letter to the Hebrews!!  Now, no one seems to write about this.  The date is hard to interpret because it consists of several back to front Cs.  It looks like 1582 but apparently Munster published his book in 1537 but I think it was a folio publication.  The second edition which may be this I don't know was in 1583 I think but the date in my copy does not seem to resemble either.  Munster has dedicated his book to Henry VIII and tells us how he came by his copy.  

What I would like to know is the date of my copy and whether anyone else has the Letter to the Hebrews because no one has written about it or commented on it and I'm very curious to know.

Please someone write to me at my email address and you will receive a virtual hug and many thanks, and we might talk about things!!

Andrew Wright. X  

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Comment by James Trimm on September 8, 2017 at 5:21pm

Actually there is a chapter about it in my book The Hebrew and Aramaic Origin of the New Testament and I published a translation of it a few years ago. It served as the basis for the HRV Scriptures book of Hebrews.



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