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We have just published a new free ebook:


Reclaiming Yeshua for Judaism




This is a free book which may be freely distributed unaltered as widely as you like.


This new book is aimed toward an introduction to Nazarene Judaism and the real Yeshua.



Forget everything you have ever heard about “Jesus”. The majority of it is simply false. His name was not Jesus,
he was not born on December 25th, he was not the founder of Christianity, he did not wear a toga, have blue eyes, a goatee beard or blonde hair. The historical “Jesus of Nazareth” has been hijacked by Gentiles, paganized, helenized and stripped of his Torah Observant Judaism.


The real Yeshua was a Torah Observant Jew, he was born in the Fall (probably duing the feast of Sukkot), he did not create a new religion and wore traditional Jewish clothing with tzitzit. He almost certainly had brown eyes, dark
hair and a full beard, spoke Hebrew and Aramaic and staunchly opposed paganism.



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