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Restoring Values: Prudence, Righteousness, Courage and Temperance.

Restoring Values

Prudence, Righteousness, Courage and Temperance.


Restoring Nazarene Judaism is more than just restoring Nazarene theology. We as Nazarenes need to be restoring the values of "prudence, righteousness, courage and temperance" which are the "forms of Wisdom" of "the discipline of the Torah" (4Macc. 1:17-18).

1:17 Now this is the discipline that is in the Torah,
that through it also you learn of the Godhead greatly
and of manhood to our advantage and obtaining favor.
1:18 Now the forms of wisdom are these:
prudence, righteousness, [courage] and temperance.
(Maccabees 1:17-18 HRV from the Aramaic)

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