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What Trimm said is ok but to leave it there does leave out the importance water baptism in my opinion. Acts 2:37-38 And when they heard these things, they were agitated in their heart; and they said to Simon and to the rest of the legates: Brethren, what shall we do [to be saved]? says Simon said to them: Repent, and be baptized every one of you, in the name of the Lord Yeshua, for the remission of sins; so that ye may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. That makes water baptism pretty important to me. I am not Church of Christ but when asked what must we do to be saved Kefa's answer included water baptism. We know many are saved without it like the thief in the cross but for me to be baptized in water in Yeshua name is pretty doggone important.

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