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Science Czar: More of Obama's Orwellian New World Order

President Barack Hussein Obama has named his new "science czar," he is the radical "dissident scientist" John P.Holdren.

Holdren is a Nazi-Progressive who believes in compulsory abortion for American women "if the population crisis became sufficiently sever to endanger the society." How "Neo-Malthusian" of him, how Progressive of him, how Nazi of him, how Obama like of him.

He, like Obama, is a New World Order pusher who believes we need a "Planetary Regime" to control the earth's climate, population, resources, while redistributing the world's wealth and creating a standing "World Army." Holdren believes the U.S. should destroy its nuke arsenal even if that leaves the nation open to a nuclear attack from another nation -- in that case the UN will step in.

He supported the banning of DDT because the fraud perpetrated on the world by author Rachel Carson led directly to the deaths of 50 to 90 million souls in Africa and India from misqueto born milaria.

Can there be any more doubt that B. Hussein Obama is a puppet of the NWO oligarchy? I think not. Fight this NWO puppet and his Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party at the polls next year.

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Comment by Mavryk Chaparral on July 13, 2009 at 8:56pm
Great poster parody. I posted a discussion here yesterday.


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