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Should We Burn The Law Of Sabbath Down Or Move In?

This is Chad Gleaves with and

If you are new to Sabbath, you may have people telling you that Jesus has done away with the law.
Lets talk about that for a second.
I have always found it interesting when people say the Law has been replaced by Jesus and we should only be in strict obedience to him.

My first question is, where is this list of "Jesus'" laws written down?

Is it written somewhere in the New Testament?

Does this make the New Testament a NEW Law for us?

If there is a NEW Law, wouldn't that still put us under Law and back under bondage?

See if I were to start a football league with no rules, everybody would hate that football league because it is the rules that makes the game of football worth playing and watching. it's all about the rules! Everybody argues the rules, enjoys the rules, despises the rules, but no matter how you feel about the rules it is the rules that make the game so much fun. When you have good rules the game is awesome. The rules become freedom for the game. Without rules there is only bondage

So for the modern day christian, This whole argument that rules are bad makes absolutely no sense. It only begins to make sense when  . . . CONTINUE READING

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