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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg stayed awake long enough to give an interview to the New York Times Magazine expressing her dismay over the Roe v. Wade outcome. She told the interviewer that she thought the decision would be used to rid society of the undesirables from the population ( eugenic, Progressive, code for racial abortions). How suprised she is that white women have had so many abortions. Of course this just shows how quick our society was ready to offer its children as a sacrifice to Baal.

Good News: The polls are showing support for "the anointed one," Barack Obama, is dropping like a stone in water. People are starting to snap out of the spell Obama and the Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party has cast on the nation to realize this guy and his party only want to take away our freedom and gain political power.

News Flash: Michael Jackson is still dead.

After reading the book of Jeremiah and realizing in what bad shape the Messianic Community is in I wonder if HaShem is listening to my prayers for my sojourn nation of America any more (Jeremiah 7:16, 11:14, 14;11, 15:1). I have read a couple of articles since my reading of Jeremiah's book, dealing with these verses, and those authors were wondering the same. Get ready for your devine judgment America!

Obama tried to stare down Putin in Moscow, but Vlad wouldn''t have any of it. Putin wouldn't even look at "the anointed one" and you could see annoance on Putin's face. Putin thinks of our president as a man-child -- and can you blame him? I just hope Putin isn't the Russian Gog we see in Ezekiel 38 and 39, because Obama is the perfect niave American foil for such a Russian leader.

Hug a little harder and kiss a little longer those you love if you are an American because the judgment of ADONAI on this Baal worshipping nation is close at hand.

Shalom Aleikhem and pray for Jerusalem,

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