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One day I was down to nothing and I was very hungry. I prayed and continued to wait on Yahuah for an answer. Well humanistically, I became weak as this particular day went on. I walked down to a neighbor's home to use their phone in oder to call my Dad to see if he could loan me money and even thought of another so-call friend to see if they would help. Both phone lines were busy and stayed busy while I continued to try calling over and over for a period of time. I left my neighbor's home walking back to mine and began to think abstract thoughts such as, "I can go to the store and shove a pack of seven steaks, weiners, lunchmeat in my clothes and walk out without anybody noticing. I knew this was wrong and was raised by a Mother who stressed to wait on Yahuah and she was always right and of course Yahuah always answered. I sat back down on my couch and attempted not to go and do such a thing. Then I decided to go and commit this act of theft. When I got up from my couch, a vehicle slowed down at the end of my driveway and pulled in my yard. It was one of my cousins. He asked me to come to his car and he handed me a large size bowl of Spegetti and Meatballs that would last for days. He said 'my mother told me to bring you this'. His mother was my first cousin, but treated us (family) like crap and talked about me like a dog. The following Scriptures will conclude this testimony!

Proverbs 16:6-9

Psalms 27:13, 14

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