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About 15 years ago in my home at Loranger, Louisiana, an associate contracted a seizure whereas its intensity caused her to almost swallow her tounge. Other friends became distraught and placed a spoon in her mouth to stop the swallow and urged me to give her mouth to mouth. Before one friend attempted to call 911, I suddenly told everyone to stand back because she had died. There was no pulse or breath. I call out saying in the name of Jesus, not knowing or being familiar with the true NAME of the Messiah and immediately this person began to breathe and regain concientiousness and sat up and ask what happen as if nothing had happen. We explained and at that moment her life changed for the better and her faith became more serious than ever. For those who may be disarrayed at this testimony concerning the term Jesus ~ there are Scriptures that point out that it is not by might or our power but by HIS Spirit says Yahuah. I am an earnestly teacher to believers and minister to non believers that we should and must use the true Name of our Messiah to remain in obedience and in TRUTH. So this testimony does not inquire an excuse to use the pagan name Jesus or rather Greek term. These following Scriptures will depict the reason for this testimony relative to the Name, yet it is simply a testimony about the power of Yahuah when we seek HIM and HE said HE would be found.

Acts 17:29-31

Luke 12:41-48

James 4:17

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Comment by Lionel Robinson on January 24, 2011 at 1:46pm
May Yahuah bless you forever in the Name of Yahushua Messiah Forever!


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