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The Eradication of the Jew from Muslim Countries - Something you should know!

The Eradication of the Jew from
Muslim Countries

Jason Jordan

In the adventure film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Dr. Jones, in one of his more academic moments, asks his university class to study the difference between “migration” and “exodus.” This intrigued me, so, like a good student of the man whose name means “adventure,” I decided to investigate. “Migration” refers to someone or something that moves from one specific location to another, while “exodus” refers to a population that leaves a long time inhabited location to a completely unknown or unfamiliar destination.

Perhaps there are no people who are as well acquainted with the concept of an exodus as the Jews. Their entire history is punctuated with forced removals from one location to another, with no guarantee of a trouble free existence at any destination.

So much has been made of the so-called Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinian people by the media, that it has overshadowed the mistreatment and eventual expulsion of a vast number of Jews who lived in Muslim countries for over 2500 years. Many of these Jews were born in regions well before Muslim conquests and before the Arabs came from Arabia. In fact 90% of world Jewry lived in regions now known as Arab countries right up until the 10th century. The ill treatment, and in some cases complete eradication of the Jew from Arab host countries makes Israel’s current handling of Palestinian people look somewhat tame in comparison.

In 1947, when the UN announced that the Holy Land would be partitioned into separate Jewish and Muslims states, the climate became so difficult for Jews in Arab and North African countries that it caused approximately 856,000 of them to flee their homes from 1948 to 1976. Prior to this, Jewish communities flourished throughout the Arab and North African world. In 1900 a population of 410,000 Jews lived in Muslim countries. This figure grew steadily by 1947 to around 825,000. During this time few Jews returned to Judea (aka Palestine). By 1800 Jerusalem had a general population of around 8,750 people. Of this, there were approximately 2,000 Jews. As the general population grew to 22,000 by 1870, the number of Jews increased to roughly 11,000 and then 40,000 by 1905 from a total population of 60,000.

Before the declaration of a Jewish state, Jews lived quite comfortably under Arab rule. However, after the Holocaust, Jews predominantly from Europe and Russia gradually began returning to the Holy Land. The bitter sweet decision to partition Judea by the UN brought with it the death of 6000 defending Israelis and the persecution of thousands of Jews in the rest of the Arab world. Never let it be said that the UN resolution allowed the Holy Land to be handed over to Israel on a silver platter. On the contrary it was reacquired through blood, sweat and toil. Even the United States turned its back on Israel by imposing an arms embargo against them. In spite of this, IDF soldiers outnumbered 100 to 1, won their independence in 1948 by miraculously repelling and driving backward a combined force of seven Arab armies.

Holocaust in the Middle East

The decision to partition the Land caused intense rioting against Jews in many Arab countries. Hundreds of Jews were killed and thousands imprisoned. Jewish owned businesses, residences and synagogues were looted and burned. Movement was restricted, curfews were implemented, citizenships were withdrawn and emigration to Israel was banned. Stock holdings were stolen, bank accounts frozen and property was confiscated. All manner of means to simply survive was taken away from the Jews. Interestingly, this happened less than a decade after the Holocaust.

From 1948 to the early 1970s, approximately 856,000 Jews were forced from their Arab residences. Of these, 600,000 permanently resettled in Israel. Today, their descendants make up 3.06 million of Israel’s overall 5.8 million population. Jewish property and real estate that was left behind is estimated to be valued at $300 billion, not to mention the 100,000 square kilometers of land that was deserted, which incidentally equates to four times the size of the land of Israel. In 1948 the Jewish population in Arab countries was 881,000 and by 1976 there were only 25,620. Here are some figures of the Jewish populations in Arab/Muslim and Muslim countries prior to 1947 compared with today:

• In the Muslim country of Aden there were 8,000 Jews, today there are none.
• In the Muslim country of Algeria there were 140,000 Jews, today there are none.
• In the Muslim country of Bahrain there were 600 Jews, today there are around 30.
• In the Muslim country of Egypt there were 80,000 Jews, today there are less than 100.
• In the Muslim country of Iraq there were 140,000 Jews, today there are fewer than 100.
• In the Muslim country of Lebanon there were 20,000 Jews, today there are less than 100.
• In the Muslim country of Libya there were 38,000 Jews, today there are none.
• In the Muslim country of Morocco there were 265,000 Jews, today there are less than 7,000.
• In the Muslim country of Syria there were 30,000 Jews, today there are fewer than 30.
• In the Muslim country of Tunisia there were 105,000 Jews, today there are 1,500.
• In the Muslim country of Afghanistan there were 5,000 Jews, today there is 1.
• In the Muslim country of Iran there were 150,000 Jews, today there are 40,000.
• In the Muslim country of Pakistan there were 2,000 Jews, today there are none.
• In the Muslim country of Turkey there were 80,000 Jews, today there are 30,000.

Today, the number of Jews living in Arab countries has managed to climb back to approximately 85,860.

The bottom line is this: 45,000 Arabs have died over the past 80 years due to the Middle East Crisis. Almost all of these deaths were in direct response to attacks on Israel from neighbouring Arab countries and Muslim terrorist attacks. In contrast the number of Arab/Muslim and Muslim deaths during the same period due to internal strife numbers into the millions. The frequency of mass killings that occur in the Muslim world barely sees Western news headlines unless Westerners are involved. The terrorist attack in Mumbai is a prime example.
Why is it that Muslims are involved in 98% of all wars going on in the world today and the Jews are involved in only 1, yet their standing in the global media in relation to war is mud compared to Islam? Jews, in contrast to the Muslims, do not kill each other indiscriminately or habitually use civilians as human shields, yet they are accused of committing war crimes of holocaust proportions by a demographic that trains their young to see Jews as pigs and deal with them by killing innocent civilians with brainwashed suicide bombers.

Dr. Philip Hitti, a prolific Arab historian and author of the popular book, The Arabs: A Short History, made the following statement to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in 1946: “There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not.” Dr. Philip Hitti made this declaration as an official representative of the Muslim World. The concept of a historical nation called “Palestine” is as fabricated as a jolly red man delivering presents via flying reindeer to every household across the earth in a single night.

If someone persists with a belief that there was ever a legitimate nation called “Palestine,” try responding with the following three simple questions:

• Who was the leader of “Palestine?” Who was its president, prime minister or king?
• Name one nation that had diplomatic relations with “Palestine.”
• What was the currency of “Palestine?”

These questions should start anyone off in a pretty commanding position.

A Fictitious People with a Fictitious Name

The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) was formed in 1964 in Cairo, Egypt, after an initial suggestion by a traitorous Jew to invent a fictitious nation under the name “Palestine.” This idea was to create a mechanism whereby a thorn could be driven into the side of a proposed Jewish homeland. So successful was this plan, that much of the West is still sympathetic to a group of Arab terrorists who adopted a name from a people who originally hailed from a tribe of Greek sea-marauders known as the “Philistines” and who have no historical connection to the Arab world whatsoever. The whole situation is equivalent to an Arab family taking on the Western name “smith” and calling their existing area of habitation in the Middle East, “Smithfield.”

Today, many Palestinians refuse to believe that Jews ever occupied Israel. This is despite millions of obvious archaeological evidences to the contrary. As it is, a tourist can find shards of Hebrew pottery (usually from clay oil lamps and urns) whilst walking with a tour group through a number of historical sites. Jerusalem is rich with over 3000 years of archaeological evidence of Jewish presence, yet their historical connection is still denied by the Arab media and even moderate Palestinian two state supporters.

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