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The First LIVE Call-In Show On The Nazarene Radio Network Was A Success





Shalom Mishpocha,

This is Christopher, the co-host of Schtix and Stones, and we recently tried something last night that will make NRN more interactive, we are hoping.  Though this program does not air till Friday, I am giving all of you the sneak peek.  We recently recorded our first ever NRN LIVE radio program.  All the other episodes were pre-recorded from all the other hosts.  But we now have the capabilities to cut the hosts editing to a minimum (for some of us it takes hours to edit a produced show), and for them to take live calls on the air.  

Not only will Schtix and Stones now be recorded live with the chat and call-in capabilities (without sound quality being compromised thanx to Skype Callburner software), but Teshuva will be going LIVE next week and their taping for the live program is at 8pm on Tuesday, so get up with Elizabeth Locke, Tammy April or Dena Clauss for all the juicy details.  Also, The Midrash will be going live next week as well.  So we are really looking forward to this new concept.  Many of us get emailed questions about the programs every week, and I think listenership will grow, and questions can be better answered LIVE on the air.  So some of the hosts are going to be giving this a tumble, and if any of the other hosts want the access PINs to the NRN account simply message me or check the Staff group here on NazareneSpace. 

But without further adieu, here is the first ever recording of a live program on NRN, Now you will notice it is not 100% without flaw, the sound quality is great the clips work fine, the callers come in loud and clear, however, I have noticed the break music does tend to have it's issues, there were a few slight skips during the breaks, and we did not mute our mics during the breaks so you can hear JJ Roxx or myself typing away on the studio keyboards, during the breaks, but these are both issues that will be fixed next week.  So give this first episode a tumble, LIVE on Nazarene Radio Network.




















Christopher and JJ do their first ever LIVE edition from the Nazarene Radio Network Studios in beautiful St Thomas, Virgin Island. And they had to do so because of the controversial nature of this particular episode, JJ Roxx and Christopher prove that Jesus Christ is the Anti-Messiah, and that Yeshua and Jesus are not the same entity. JJ and Christopher take calls during this LIVE edition of Schtix and Stones


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Comment by The New Oye In Town on August 5, 2011 at 9:54pm
I have a vast collection Coleen, I have a 320 GB external harddrive of stuff I have been collecting for years


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