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The HRV Resolves Mistakes in the Greek New Testament

The HRV Resolves Mistakes in the Greek New Testament

The HRV Scriptures now available in hardbound and in e-text:

There are a number of "blunders" in the text of the Greek New Testament which do not occur in the Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts. The Hebraic Roots Version (HRV) is based on Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts and does not contain many of these errors.

One mistake in the Greek New Testament is to be found in Matthew 27:9 which quotes Zech. 11:12-13 but falsely credits the quote to Jeremiah. As a result translations from the Greek (such as the ISR and the Jewish New Testament versions) wrongly assign the quotation to Jeremiah. This is especially stunning in the Jewish New Testament which ascribes the quotation to “Yirmeyahu” in the main text but then has a footnote ascribing the quote to Zechariah 11:11-12. The HRV simply attributes this quote to “the prophet” in agreement with the Hebrew and Aramaic source texts.

Greek Mt. 1:1-17 subtracts a name in the Messiah's genealogy. The genealogy in Matthew is supposed to contain three sets of fourteen names each (Mt. 1:17) yet the last set contains only 13 names in the Greek and in the translations taken from the Greek. The missing name, Abner (Av'ner) does appear in the HRV based on the DuTillet Hebrew text of Mt. 1:13.

The Greek of Mark 2:26 says that David entered the House of God “while Abiatar was High Priest” however at the time Ahimelech (1Sam. 21:1) the father of Abitar (1Sam. 22:20) was the High Priest. The HRV follows the Aramaic of the Old Syriac which does not contain the phrase “while Abiatar was High Priest” at all and thus does not contain this error.

The Greek text of Matthew 11:13 says that the law and the prophets prophesied “until John”. Now this makes no sense at all. It cannot mean that the law and the prophets did not prophecy of any events after the life of Yochanan (John) because the death of the Messiah itself was after the life of Yochanan. It cannot mean that the gift of prophecy only existed until Yochanan because the book of Acts mentions prophets who lived and prophesied after Yochanan had died. The Hebrew word for “until” is AYIN-DALET (and this is the word that appears in the DuTillet manuscript here). However the Shem Tob text of Matthew has another word here spelled AYIN-LAMED. This word means “concerning” and thus the meaning is that the “Torah and the Prophets” (i.e. the Tanak) prophesied CONCERNING Yochanan. This fits because the text had just quoted (in verse 10) Mic. 3:1 and applied it to Yochanan and in 3:3 Isaiah 40:3 is applied to Yochanan. So the text is saying (as it reads in the HRV) that the Torah and the Prophets prophesied concerning Yochanan.

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