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The Hymn of Creation
(Ben Sira 42:15-43:33)
Translated by
James Scott Trimm

I have been working on the HRV translation of the Wisdom of Yeshua ben Sira form the Hebraic Roots Version of the Apocrypha. This hymn is filled with beautiful nuggets of truth, some of which can fully be understood only in the Hebrew. This Shabbat I will be doing a special teaching on these verse on paltalk, so print this out and have it ready for a very special teaching this Sabbath!

15 I will remember now the works of El,
And that which I have seen I will recount;
By the Word of Elohim are His Works.
And the work of His will has He established.
16 The rising sun is revealed over all,
The glory of YHWH is over all His works.
17 The Set-Apart-Ones of El do not suffice
To declare the wonders of YHWH;
El has strengthened His hosts,
To make [them] to stand before His glory.
18 He has fathomed the void and the heart.
And He understands all their secrets;
19 Declaring things that ate past and things that are to come,
And he reveals the secrets which are hidden.
20 No insight is lacking to Him,
And no matter glides past Him.
21 The mighty acts of His wisdom has He adjusted;
And He is One forever.
Nothing is to be added and nothing to be subtracted.
And He has no need of any master.
23 He lives [and abides forever],
And so everything is obedient to every purpose;
24 And each one varies, one from another;
None of them has He created in vain;
25 One thing which surpasses another in its good.
And who can be satisfied with seeing its beauty?

Chapter 43

1 The [beauty of the height is the clear firmament],
And a brilliant prospect is the body of heaven.
2 The sun, when it goes forth, pours out warmth;
How wonderful are the works of YHWH!
3 At its meridian, it makes the world to glow;
Before its heat, who can maintain himself?
4 It is a well-blown furnace, the coals red hot.
The sun, when it is sent forth, sets the mountains ablaze;
A fork of light consumes the world,
And its fire scorches the eye;
5 For great is YHWH its maker
And His words run it along its course.
6 And even the shining moon wanes according to its time.
Though it is for ruling the seasons and an everlasting sign.
7 By it are the seasons and the times of the statute:
And shining, it vanishes in its circuit.
8 The new moon, according to its name renews itself;
How wonderful is it when it changes!
The beacon of the host wanes on high,
Leaving the firmament aglow from its shining.
9 The beauty of heaven is the glory of the stars;
And a harmony of splendour is in the heights of El.
10 By the Word of El does the decree stand;
And they sleep not during their watches.
11 Behold the rainbow, and bless its maker,
For exceeding majestic is it in glory;
12 A circle it describes in its glory.
And the hand of El has stretched it out with might.
13 His rebuke scribles the lightning,
And makes brilliant the flashes thereof in judgment.
14 For this reason, he has opened his treasure houses,
And makes the clouds to fly as winged things.
15 His majesty gives the clouds their strength,
and breaks the hailstones in pieces.
16 At His will the south wind blows.
17a The sound of His thunder makes His earth to reel;
17b The whirlwind of the north, the tempest and the dust storm!
As winged things, He makes His snow to fly.
And like a swarm of locusts, when they settle, is its descent.
18 The sight of its whiteness blinds the eyes;
And the heart is dismayed at the raining of it--
19 And the hoar-frost he pours out like salt,
And makes it to bloom with flowers like sapphire.
20 The cold winf of the north He causes to blow,
And in the heart of the [sea] He congeals its fountain.
Over every standing water He places a sheet [of ice].
And as a breastplate He clothes the pond;
21 The vegetation of the [mountains], it burns like drought.
And quenches the young shoots like a flame.
22 The healing of everything is like the distillation of a cloud,
And the falling dew is to render fat the barren land.
His thought made made Rahab to subside,
And in the Deep, has He planted the isles.
24 Those who go down to the sea tell of its bound,
And at what our ears hear, we are astounded.
25 Therein are wonderful things, the marvels of his work.
Variety of all living; and the mighty ones of Rahab.
26 For his own sake, he makes his messenger to prosper--
And by his Word is his work fashioned.
27 There are many more things like these,
and we cannot exhaust them;
And the end of the matter is: He is The All.
Let us still magnify Him, for He is unsearchable,
And He is greater than all His works.
29 He is Exceedingly wonderful.
And marvelous are His works.
30 You that magnify YHWH, raise your voice.
As much as you are able, for there is still more;
You that exalt him, renew strength.
And faint not, for you have not searched him out.

32 There is a multitude of hidden things beyond these,
[But] a few of his works I have truely seen;
33 All things has YHWH done,
And to his Chasidim has He given knowledge.
(Ben Sira 42:15-43:33 HRV)

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