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The Los Lunas Eclipse Hoax Exposed
James Scott Trimm

In the rugged terrain of the Southwest United States, near New Mexico’s Rio Puerco River, New Los Lunas, there is a mountain known commonly is “Hidden Mountain”. Perched atop this mountain are the ruins of an ancient Anasazi city. The Anasazi were a cultural group in ancient America centered on the present-day Four Corners area of the United States, comprising southern Utah, northern Arizona, northwest New Mexico, and a lesser section of Colorado. They flourished for over 2,000 year between 1,200 BCE and to have eventually left their cliff top cities abandoned around 1,300 CE.

However this Anasazi settlement has one major difference from all other Anasazi settlements. This Anasazi settlement has a large bolder with the Ten Commandments inscribed on it in a form of the ancient Paleo-Hebrew script at the base of the mountain.

There is a post going around on Facebook concerning the Los Lunas inscription that makes the following claim concerning the site:

" it was inscribed in a nearby stone, the documentation of a lunar eclipse; possibly how Los Lunas got it’s name. Researchers discovered that there was a lunar eclipse there in 107 B.C.E."

This claim originated from the late cartoonist David Deal and his book “Discovery of Ancient America” (it appears as early as his 1992 edition, I am not sure if it was in the 1984 edition).  

David Deal, who has wrongly identified the Anasazi ruins on the mountain adjacent to the Los Lunas Inscription as a “Middle Eastern” “Citadel”, claimed to have found an inscription on the top of the mountain depicting an eclipse which took place on September 15th 107 BCE.  Deal’s theory however is flawed for several reasons.

1. Deal wrongly identifies common Anasazi petroglyhs found at the site as depictions of constellations.  However the same petroglyphs are found on rocks at and near Anasazi ruins all over the Southwest.  

Petroglyphs at Los Lunas Site

Deal identifies these glyphs as constellations with the following illustration:

One need only to search "anasazi petroglyphs" to find examples of similar petroglyphs found at anasazi sites all over the four state region in which they once lived.

2. Deal includes in his interpretation of the petroglyphs, later markings which are unrelated to the petroglyphs.  The marks Deal identified as Ursa Minor and Ursa Major were late additions with no patina.  Once the new markings are removed, nothing remains that did not appear to be a common Anasazi Petroglyph:

Deal's Photo with the "fresh" material removed with software.

What Deal interprets as Hercules’ chain is only a scratch on the rock.  What Deal interprets as Hercules’ left arm, is also a late mark with no patina.  When these two are removed then what remains changes shape and becomes a petro-glyph of the upper body of a man with arms raise, drawn in common Anasazi fashion.  Deal’s interpretation of Libra, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun/Moon is actually a petroglyph of a man drawn in the common Anasazi fashion, just like we find on rocks throughout the Southwest.

3. Deal rearranges the petroglyphs to force them to fit his interpretation.  If one looks at the stone, the petroglyhs Deal identifies as Hercules, Sagittarius and Scorpio appear almost along a direct line,

but when he redraws the stone inscriptions as a depiction of an eclipse, these three constellations form three points of a triangle:   
Deal has moved the glyphs to force them into his imaginative interpretation.

Yes the Los Lunas inscription of the Ten Commandments appears to be an authentic Paleo-Hebrew inscription left there in ancient times, however the claim that there is a "star chart" at the site depicting an eclipse that happened in 107 BCE is a hoax based on imagination and depictions that have been deliberately altered and rearranged to fit the hoax claim.

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